Azur Lane brings Tempesta and the Fountain of Youth event with new Rewards and Challenges

Naval shoot-em-up mobile game, Azur Lane, has unveiled a fresh event named “Tempesta and the Fountain of Youth”. This occasion brings back a long-awaited faction boasting five brand-new shipgirls. In addition, for a restricted duration, a set of eight unique skins can be acquired by Commanders in the shop, supplemented with 3 rerun skins and a multitude of other diverse rewards ready to be claimed. Commanders are encouraged to engage before the curtain closes on this event on November 8th.

New Shipgirls and Construction in Azur Lane Tempesta and the Fountain of Youth event

A small-scale conflict breaks out across the huge ocean while people search for the fabled wealth. Despite the choppy waters, a young girl who is driven to become a great pirate doesn’t let that stop her. As cannon fire reverberates like joyous fireworks, she sets out on her own remarkable voyage.

Beyond the event’s story, a unique, time-limited event is underway and runs through November 8, 2023. Commanders can earn PT by participating in event-specific stages throughout this event. PT can then be redeemed for exclusive gifts, such as the new SR shipgirl Mary Celeste. Simultaneously, Adventure Galley, another Elite shipgirl, has been revealed and can only be obtained by accruing PT through events. In addition, three rerun skins and eight new ones can be accessed throughout the game.

Finally, Tempesta welcomes five new shipgirls after a one-year break. Apart from the two SR shipgirls, Mary Celeste and Adventure Galley, who were already stated, SR shipgirls São Martinho and Golden Hind, as well as Elite shipgirl Whydah, have also debuted in this event.

A rate-up is now being enjoyed by three well-known shipgirls, the Super Rare Sailing Frigate São Martinho, Super Rare Sailing Frigate Golden Hind, and Elite Sailing Frigate Whydah, in the limited Construction Pool, in addition to Adventure Galley, which can only be obtained through accrued PT. Moreover, commanders can now obtain the Super Rare Sailing Frigate Mary Celeste through construction, event stage exploration, or exchange.

New Items and Skins are coming to the Shop for the Azur Lane Tempesta and the Fountain of Youth event

This event has revealed eight new skins in all, including a dynamic skin for the Whydah and an L2D skin for the Golden Hind. Just logging in will grant commanders three outfit vouchers that they can use to hire the São Martinho, Golden Hind, and Mary Celeste skins.

Azur Lane Tempesta and the Fountain of Youth event

Image via Yostar Games

Furthermore, this event has reruns of all three Summer Fest skins from the television series. Players may now purchase the new “Pirate Cabin” furnishings set and “Pirate Gathering” Gear Skin Box. Lastly, Commanders can now, as usual, win one of the new skins at random from the Halloween Lucky Box for this event.

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