Azur Lane Parallel Superimposition event introduces the first Ultra Rare Aircraft Carrier for the Eagle Union

Azur Lane, the naval shoot ’em up mobile game, just unveiled its latest update with the event Parallel Superimposition. The first Ultra Rare Aircraft Carrier for the faction, Yorktown introduced the 5 Eagle Union shipgirls’ updated second-generation version and gave them additional abilities. During the event, there are 16 new swimsuit costumes, new themed furniture sets, and new gear skins. The mini-events also offer the chance to get a free SR ship coupon, a limited edition portrait frame, and more incentives.

Azur Lane Parallel Superimposition event brings exciting new updates and rewards

The Parallel Superimposition event takes place between December 22, 2022, and January 4, 2023. After experiencing the dream where the Sea of Stars was assaulted, Commander was separated from their companions in virtual space and arrived at an unknown horizon in order to explore the odd occurrence of Anchorage. Commanders can obtain awards like the Super Rare character Hornet II, the event-restricted Elite character Langley II, the Ultra Rare Gear AD-1 Skyraider, etc. by completing event stages and earning Points.

In the Vacation Resort, 4 mini-events are also introduced. Commanders can redeem rewards in the Souvenir Shop by constructing and running a hot spring hotel in the Open-Air Onsen event, and earn Birmingham’s swimsuit skin in To Where the Wind Blows event. In the Sirens VS Swimsuits event, get the 7 pick 1 SR ship coupon by signing in on the Blessings and New Year’s Invitation event page and opening up lucky pouches every day in Try Your Luck event. Players can purchase the limited edition portrait frame Sea of Stars Loop by accruing Training Points.

Introducing new characters in Azur Lane

Parallel Superimposition event invites 5 new second-generation ship girls for Eagle Union.

  • Yorktown II – UR Aircraft Carrier: Yorktown II can decrease the airstrike loading time and increase the damage of the Yorktown-class and Essex-class Aircraft Carriers in the fleet and enable them to launch an interceptive airstrike during battle.
  • Hornet II – SR Aircraft Carrier: When Hornet II launches an airstrike, she can launch an extra special airstrike with aircraft torpedoes and rockets and inflict a special Burn ailment to enemies hit by the rockets.
  • Northampton II – SR Heavy Cruiser: When there are Eagle Union Aircraft Carrier and Light Aircraft Carrier in the fleet, Northampton II can launch a special barrage that ignores the shields and decreases the speed of the targeted enemies.
  • Hammann II – Elite Destroyer: Hammann II can increase the airstrike damage of the Aircraft Carrier and Light Aircraft Carrier in the fleet and reduce the damage taken by the flagship when Hammann II is alive.
  • Langley II – Elite Light Aircraft Carrier: Langley II can increase her Aviation stats based on the number of Aircraft Carriers and Light Aircraft Carriers in the fleet, and increase the accuracy of all Aircraft Carrier and Light Aircraft Carrier in the fleet.

Through the building pool, it is possible to acquire the UR Aircraft Carrier Yorktown II, SR Heavy Cruiser Northampton II, and Elite Destroyer Hammann II for a rate increase. Elite Light Aircraft Carrier Langley II can only be gained through accruing PT in the event, whereas SR Aircraft Carrier Hornet II is redeemable in the event store and may also be purchased in the building pool.

Grab brand-new skins from the Parallel Superimposition event shop

There are 16 new skins included in this update. The game has created swimsuit skins for each of the five new ships, including Bright-Sky Mermaid for Yorktown II, Racing Across the Waves for Hornet II, Swimming Star for Northampton II, Another Rebellious Summer for Hammann II, On-the-Clock Vacation for Langley II, and 11 additional skins for other shipgirls that are swimsuit-themed. During the event, players that log into Azur Lane can get two rental outfit vouchers. Each certificate is valid for the aforementioned skin types:

  • Yorktown II – Bright-Sky Mermaid
  • Northampton II – Swimming Star (L2D)
  • Brest – Marine Muse (L2D)

Furthermore, the new furniture set “Beach Cabin”, and “Gear Skin Box (Beach)” are available for purchase in the shop.

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