Blue Archive 2-year Anniversary Livestream reveals latest event story, upcoming content and more

Last week, an event at Korea’s Ivex Studio in Seoul drew an enthusiastic crowd of 500 devoted Blue Archive fans. The occasion was a special 2-year anniversary livestream celebrating the renowned anime-style RPG’s two-year milestone. During the event, team leads from Nexon discussed various aspects, including the latest event story titled “Alabaster Calling Card: Mansion Masquerade and the Essence of Beauty,” alongside a range of upcoming content and quality-of-life enhancements for the game.

Blue Archive marks 2-Year Anniversary with a promise of long-lasting love

Blue Archive is a game that narrates the adventures of Sensei as they navigate the many schools within the academy city of Kivotos, solving diverse problems and guiding students toward success. Expressing gratitude for the kind words, fan art, and the overall engagement of the game’s cherished cast of gun-toting students, Executive Project Director Kim Yong-ha remarked, “We are genuinely honored to commemorate this special moment with the Sensei for our two-year anniversary, and we are committed to tirelessly working on making Blue Archive an IP that will be cherished for years to come.”

Blue Archive anniversary livestream unveils ‘Alabaster Calling Card: Mansion Masquerade’ event story

During the livestream, the latest event story titled “Alabaster Calling Card: Mansion Masquerade and the Essence of Beauty” took center stage. The spotlight was shared by an on-stage discussion featuring Kim and Producer Park Byunglim, who offered insights into the gameplay of this event story. The new adventure challenges players to utilize dynamic and strategic combat techniques alongside a captivating roster of characters.

Their mission is to aid the Game Development Department in safeguarding valuable artwork from a cunning thief. As a reward for completing the first stage of the event story, players will earn Yuzu (Maid). The livestream also offered a glimpse into the event’s latest recruitment additions, including the Mystic-type Striker Aris (Maid) and Explosive-type Striker Toki (Bunny) from the Millennium Science School.

Blue Archive 2-year Anniversary Livestream: Highlights

Other reveals from the stream included:

  • All New Soundtrack – Kim and Park revealed that the official OST Pack will be returning with a new Game Development Department theme.
  • Abundance Awards – To reflect on the two years that users have enjoyed Blue Archive, Nexon also hosted the Abundance Awards during the stream. Players with unique achievements and play histories were celebrated, such as those who have acquired 2,600 elephs for a single student. The ceremony also featured a segment where fans shared their personal stories related to Blue Archive.
  • More Merch – Blue Archive’s official online merch shop, Schale Store, will be stocked with new merch to commemorate the 2-Year Anniversary, and the collaboration with AniPlus, which began last November, will be renewed to enable fans to purchase merch offline.
  • Upcoming Expansions – The Blue Archive team also confirmed that Nexon is in the process of expanding the Blue Archive IP through an official web novel, a webtoon contest, and various collaborations with Korean companies.
  • Celebratory Events – Adding to the excitement, several anniversary celebrations are imminent. Players who log in to the game every day until Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 1:59 AM (UTC) will be rewarded with 100 Pyroxene, and a Steel Sliding Cabinet on day seven. Additionally, unique images of distinct Blue Archive academies will be released every day at 6:59 p.m. UTC from Thursday, Nov. 2 until Thursday, Nov. 9 and players will receive 100 Pyroxene for making an appearance.
  • In-Person Festivities – IVEX STUDIO also hosted an experience zone decorated for the “Alabaster Calling Card: Mansion Masquerade and the Essence of Beauty” event story, where Nexon hosted engaging activities, handed out discount coupons for the Samsung Galaxy Store, and gifted special photo cards to participants. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Store featured a special booth commemorating Blue Archive’s official launch on the app, offering fans the chance to verify their pre-orders and write personal notes on a message wall to win fun gifts.

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