Blue Archive brings a new chapter, character, and more in its December 2023 update

In the December 2023 update of the well-liked mobile RPG Blue Archive, the narrative progresses in “Vol. 4, Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 2, We Were RABBITs!” This latest update, released today, extends the ongoing tale outlined in the initial chapter titled “RABBIT Squad, Commence Operation!

Sensei returns to RABBIT Squad in Blue Archive Vol. 4 of Caerbannog Chronicles

In “Volume 4, Chapter 2: The Rabbit of Caerbannog – We Were RABBITs!”, Sensei reunites with the RABBIT Squad at the SRT Academy, once again guiding them through forthcoming obstacles. After the incidents in “Rabbit of Caerbannog Chapter 1,” the squad resumed their routines, only to encounter a haunting figure from their history. Backed by mentors and pupils from diverse academies, the RABBIT Squad confronts their past, striving to maintain fairness amid emerging plots.

The December 2023 update introduces explosive-type special student Minori to Blue Archive

In its ongoing effort to broaden the Blue Archive universe, Kivotos introduces Minori, an Explosive-type Special student from the Red Winter Federal Academy. Her standout attribute is her unique and potent move, known as an EX-skill, which not only inflicts substantial damage but also amplifies its impact by investing extra Costs. Additionally, the forthcoming main story update will reintroduce SRT Academy students Miyako and Saki, who will be available for selection during the Pick-Up event.

Blue Archive unveils thrilling events and rewards in the December 2023 update

In celebration of the story update, Blue Archive has organized a series of events for players throughout Kivotos. One such event, “Balancing Schale’s Books with the General Student Council,” allows players to complete missions and commissions to earn event tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for cosmetics, valuable in-game items, and more until Tuesday, December 26 at 1:59 AM UTC. Additionally, an Event Prize Exchange House will be set up, enabling players to obtain rare currencies like Nimrud and Rohonc, which can be used to enhance their students’ levels.

Adding to the thrill, the game will feature 3 Days/Week of Workplace Improvement Missions until Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at 1:59 AM UTC. Throughout this period, players have the chance to earn rewards such as Minori’s Woodworking Workbench for their personal Cafe—a space for player-student interaction—and 10 Recruitment Tickets by completing various tasks, such as progressing in the main story, utilizing AP, and defeating adversaries.

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