Brawl Stars has a V8-BIT Retropolis challenge

Fans of Brawl Stars are in for a treat with the next challenge, which includes a free 8-BIT skin.

The V8-BIT Retropolis challenge began today and will expire on October 10, giving players a short amount of time to accomplish it. Players who complete the challenge, which can be found under the Special Events page in the game modes menu, will receive the V8-BIT skin. In addition to this exclusive skin, brawlers will gain Star Points for each step forward in the challenge, up to a total of 3,000 Star Points.

To complete the challenge and receive the skin, players must win 10 times in the game types Heist, Bounty, Knockout, Hot Zone, and Gem Grab. If they lose two games in a row, they’ll be eliminated from the challenge and will have to pay a specific amount of gems to attempt again.

Instead of allowing the matchmaking determine your companions, individuals eager for the challenge should look for other players on social media or directly in their game’s friend list. It’s not easy to get assured victories, and if they lose justice twice, they’ll have to spend gems. Prepare a well-balanced composition for each game mode and map, and you should be able to finish it quickly.

The retro vibe of the V8-BIT skin is part of the Retropolis skinline, which consists of five skins in total. While the skins for Brock, Barley, Carl, and Mortis may all be purchased in the shop once the characters have been unlocked, the V8-BIT skin can only be obtained by finishing the challenge. Those skins will only be available for a few more days, with the shop closing on October 11.

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