Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Update: June 2020

After the Wild West update was released in the month of May, it’s finally time for COD Mobile Season 7. This season has been named as “Radioactive Agent”. The name itself reflects a blend of chemical as well as military theme. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of Season 7.

COD Mobile Radioactive agent Battle Pass (Season 7)

The new battle pass season will kick off on 12th June.

Battle Pass Rewards

Premium Battle Pass

  • New Epic Soldiers: Ghost-Hazmat and Krueger-Alchemist will be available in the premium section.
COD Mobile Season 7Epic Characters
  • A Brand new epic weapon QQ9-Flood will be available in the battle pass. A fully automatic SMG with good accuracy. This firearm will be effective at close to medium range.
  • All new Barricade themed epic weapons will be a part of the battle pass in season 7.

Free Battle Pass

  • New base SMG – QQ9. Fully Automatic gun with good accuracy.
The new SMG: QQ9
  • A new scorestreak named Cluster Strike will now be playable in the multiplayer section. You can cause continuous missile bombardment to a designated location using this scorestreak. It will cost you 950 points to activate this scorestreak in the match.
Cluster Strike

COD Mobile Radioactive Agent: Battle Royale

COD Mobile Season 7 update brings in a host of new maps to the “Isolated”.

The new Zones in the games:

  • Black market
  • Downtown
  • Sanitarium
  • Skitown
  • Frigid Wetlands
  • Harbor
  • Heat

Some big surprises await for the players in the form of Vending machines in Black Market, Secret room in Sanitarium, and the Ballroom in Downtown. Do visit these places to check out these spots.

  • The new Tank vehicle will now be available for the players to knock out the enemies. The tank is a real tracked destroyer, with a 120mm smoothbore gun and powerful heavy machinegun. The tank will join in the battlefield via special airdrop which arrived in the mid or late game.
  • Battle royale weaponry section gets more boost as Man-o-War and DLQ33 get added on. Moreover, the legendary weapon Tempest will also be available now in Battle Royale. Tempest will be available in the Airdrops along with the other weapons already available there.
  • COD Mobile season 6 brought Poltergeist class, and now the season 7 is bringing another class skill into the battle royale: Smoke Bomber. Active skill will throw a smoke grenade which will release multiple smoke bombs on a target area. Smoke Perspective passive skill reveals enemies in smoke and will increase movement speed if attacked.
Smoke Bomber class skill

COD Mobile Radioactive Agent: Multiplayer

The COD Mobile Season 7 will bring in a new mode to the game, Attack of the Undead. Here all players start as survivors, but one will become the Undead. The undead cab revive unlimited times, and survivors become the undead if they are killed.

Attack of the Undead

This mode will be available in Tunisia, Standoff, Summit, Raid, and Crash maps.

Also, a Training Mode has now been brought into the game where players can test out all weapons and improve their skills without any interruption in the practice range.

Now, coming to maps. Two more maps have been added to Multiplayer section- Tunisia and Gulag.

Tunisia Map

The Tunisia map will be available for the following mode:

  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination
  • Attack of the Undead

Now, coming to the other map, Gulag.

Gulag Map

Gulag is a popular map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and will be available for the following modes:

  • 1v1 Duel
  • Gunfight

COD Mobile Radioactive Agent: Other weapons and rewards

Apart from all other weapons a new base LMG is coming to the game- Chopper. This is a fully automatic LMG with high rate of fire and will be effective at medium to long range quarters.

A new epic character named Skulls and Blood Battery will be unlocked in the Battle Royale section after you reach Master 2 in Battle Royale.

Also a rare weapon named Skulls and Blood HBRa3 will be unlocked after you reach Pro 3 level in Multiplayer.

When is the update arriving?

The COD Mobile Radioactive Agent Update has already arrived on June 11. Update now to own the new features and savour the battle in the brand new areas.