Free Fire Update: OB22 Patch Notes

A new Free Fire OB22 update has come out on June 3, 2020. It brings tons of new content and features to the battle royale game. Some of the highlights include a new character Wolfrahh, and pet Falco, among others.

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Free Fire patch notes

1. Clash Squad (Rank Season 1 – The Beginning)

  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking pool.
  • A new leaderboard will be added for Kills and Winrate.
  • A new career performance page has been added for Clash Squad in the user’s profile.
  • The game will temporarily ban players from the Clash Squad (Ranked) if they often quit in the middle of matches.
  • Bots will take control over disconnected / AFK teammates.
  • The Golden Eagle is a new season reward that will be given to players who reach Gold III.

2. New Clash Squad Store



Tier 1


M500 G18 Deagle  





400 500 800 1100

Tier 2


AN94 MP5 M1887 Thompson
Gold 1200 1300 1500 1500

Tier 3


P90 SKS AK M1014
Gold 1600 1700 1700 1800

Tier 4


Gold 1900 2000 2100 2200



Tier 1


Lvl 2 Vest Lvl 2 Helmet Lvl 3 Vest  

Armour Repair


Gold 400 200 1000 200



Tier 1


Grenade *2 Gloo Wall *3 Smoke *1  



Gold 200 300 300 100

3. Gameplay

  • New Hitmarkers will be available in all modes. The size of Hitmarkers has been increased and there are also some adjustments to the colour. Players will be able to access it from the settings menu.

4. Purgatory (Map opening adjustment)

  • The Purgatory – Classic has been added back to Free Fire.

5. Info Box

  • The Info box will display the location of the safe zone with teammates.

6. Weapon and Balance

New Weapon – M82B

  • Damage Ratio: 150
  • Minimum Damage: 120
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Effective Range: 60 to 90m
  • Movement Speed: 90%
  • Armour Penetration: 30%


  • Damage to the body: +40%
  • Rate of Fire: +7%
  • Armor Penetration: +10%


  • Damage to the body: +50%
  • Armour Penetration: +30%


  • Effective Range: -15%
  • Minimum Damage: -2


  • Damage Ratio: Increased from 50 to 58
  • Minimum Damage: Increased from  20 to 30


  • SR ammos: Adjusted from 30 to 20 per stack
  • SG ammos: Adjusted from 30 to 20 per stack

7. Skills

  • Active Skill Exchange – Players will now be able to equip the active skills of other characters as long as no other active skills are equipped. It can be found in the character menu
  • Skill Activation Indicators – Passive skill icons will light up once they are enabled. It is available in all modes.

8. New Character – Wolfrahh

  • Wolfrahh is a new male character that will be available in the Free Fire Store. He is a video game streamer who comes with an ability to decrease the damage taken from headshots by up to 25% with every extra viewer. In addition, he can also increase the damage to the enemy’s limbs by up to 25%.

9. New Pet – Falco

  • Falco is a new pet that will be added to the Free Fire Store. It increases the gliding speed upon skydive and diving speed after the parachute opens. This works for the entire team.

10. Game Modes

The Bomb Squad objectives have been updated, whereas the weapon presets have been replaced with a store that is similar to Clash Squad.

  • A new armory system has been added for players to buy weapons.
  • The quality of bombsite icons has been improved.
  • A round summary has been added at the end of every round.
  • Once the bomb is planted, the site location of the bomb will be revealed.

11. Training Grounds

  • New areas and items have been added
  • The shooting range and the practice zone have been separated.
  • New vehicles have been added to the training ground.
  • Gloo walls have been added into the armory.
  • M82B has been added into the armory.

12. Other Optimizations

  • Emote Slots have been increased from 6 to 8.
  • Guild System – Guild leaders and officers are getting new administrative powers for easier time management and growing their empire.
  • UI for the in-game mailbox has been optimized.
  • A setting is available to help players block party invitations from non-friends.
  • Special facial expressions have been added for Kelly “The Swift”.
  • The Emote Equipping mechanism has been optimized.
  • Newbie rewards have been adjusted.
  • The Armor display on players’ HUD has been optimized.
  • A 30 seconds warm-up period has been added for all the Close Combat modes.


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