COD Mobile: Activision confirms new Snowy Area coming to Battle Royale

With each new season in COD Mobile, Activision introduces plenty of changes, such as new maps, weapons, and more. The game is already approaching Season 13 and has already released the COD Mobile Season 13 test server. With just a few days remaining until the release, the developers have revealed an early look at the new snowy area coming in the COD Mobile Battle Royale mode.

The Battle Royale map gets an expansion in COD Mobile Season 13

From time to time, Activision has confirmed that the Battle Royale map will be receiving yet another update. Finally, they revealed an early look at the new area, which is covered in snow. This area is located very much near to the Dormitory area.

As you can see in the tweet, this location features some ski lifts, a lodge, and some ski slopes adding to the map’s terrain. This ski lift feature would add some new dynamic elements to the map. Also, it would make for some interesting gameplay around the new snowy area.

When Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 drops, it will include a version of Nuketown set in Russia in the winter. Dubbed “Nuketown Russia” the map will feel all so familiar to the classic Nuketown while putting a Russian spin on the map.

The signature Nuketown American-themed buildings have been replaced with soviet-era decals. Each spawn building retains the same internal design, with a side garage and second-floor balcony overlooking the center of the map.

Speaking of the center of the map, the classic bus and semi-trucks have been swapped out with two train cars, blocking angles in the center of the map. One of the train cars has an open interior though, giving great angles to pick off enemies on the opposite side of the map.

The spawns will remain unchanged and the map will still be the same flow as every Nuketown, with a majority of the action taking place in the center of the map. Power positions are located on the second floor of each building and on cover spots placed strategically by the garages and center car.

When playing, be sure to take a look at the beautiful interiors in the buildings, as they have been filled with great details of Soviet-era technology. Explore buildings filled with top-secret computers, files, and a few classic Nuketown easter eggs hidden among the map.

Obviously, the new snowy area expansion in Battle Royale is something players were looking for a long time. This new snowy area is expected to be added next to the Dormitory on the north side of the map. The new update promises to be an exciting one. We’re looking forward to the new POI, along with the various other new additions in the season when it releases on December 21. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this location.

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