Download and Play A3 on PC

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Netmarble, the producer known for Lineage 2 and Marvel Future Fight, has revealed the relaese of a new RPG game named A3. This article will let you know how to play the new game on PC using MEmu Android emulator.

a3 still live pc

Download and play A3 on PC

Step by step to play A3 on PC

  1. We highly recommend playing A3 on PC using MEmu Android emulator. If you haven’t downloaded already, please install it here.
  2. Then you can download and install the game from Google Play. Alternatively, you can download the apk file from sites like Apkpure and install it manually.
  3. Once installed, the icon will show up on MEmu home screen. Simply click the icon to launch this game then it and then it begins to download game resources.
  4. Finally, you will be able to play A3 on your PC!

Game Features of A3 on PC

Kwon claims that A3: Still Alive will create a new genre in games combining the Battle Royale game type, which is popular overseas, and multiplayer role-playing game, which is popular in Korea.

a3 PC preregister

For now the game is still under pre-registration.

The 5 playable classes are all damage dealers (DPS), with a unique mix of ranged, melee, magic, physical, and survival skills.

A mercenary system call “Soul Linker” is in the game as well. From what I read, this provides players with 3 types of mercenaries: Attack, Defense, and Support. There are 3 mercenary slots, which is pretty generous! So think of this as 3 AI characters helping you in battles, especially PVE.

There are also some other news about A3 on PC:

● Mentioned previously, “Dark Presence” is the unlimited and real-time PvP battle royale mode. When the darkness falls and the red moon rises, the players are divided into insane and sane camps to have a large-scale battle. This content supports 100 vs 100 battle, players must constantly fight each other for victory in a team-point competition.

● As one can expect from a battle royale game, experience points and rewards will be given out based on PVP performance.

● Don’t worry, equipment from PVE and battle royale are not connected, so high-level players will not be wearing +100 gears slaying everyone. Fairness is key here.

● Netmarble plans to start an esports league for A3: Still Alive in the 4th quarter of 2020.