Dragon Raja classes: Which is the best for beginners?

Dragon Raja won the most anticipated game of Unreal last year. For its fantastic graphics and the new open-world gaming mode. But these are not the only thing we should pay attention to before the game starts. Details of Dragon Raja classes are the key factors that a player needs to know before playing it. In this article, we will introduce the classes in Dragon Raja and give our recommendations for beginners. Besides, it is also recommended to play Dragon Raja on PC  with MEmu emulator to get the best graphics and gaming experience.


Dragon Raja classes: Blade Master

Position: Warrior/Tank

Blade Master

Blade Master is a MElee class. Anyone who claims the name of Blade Master is geniuses who could really wield their sword and blade. They always carry two weapons by their side. As a warrior, Blade Master is kind of hard for beginners to master. Firstly, she will take more damage for the team. Also, having movement skills means that sometimes Blade Master needs to act like an assassin to strike the supporter of enemies. Which means having good control of timing is crucial.

Dragon Raja classes: Gunslinger


Position: Gunner

Gunslinger is a Ranged DPS. He is the sharpest hunter of the battlefield. Once he has selected an enemy, there will be no way out. Meanwhile, the Gunslinger also possesses the most luxurious armory – Particle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG … Good choice at the beginning stage. High DPS and long shooting range.

Dragon Raja classes: Soul Dancer

Position: Support and Healer

All Soul Dancers have a shadow form like a twin sister or brother who would never leave their side. As a supporter, Soul Dancer is needed in every team. But for solo players, it is wise not to use Soul Dancer as their first choice.

Dragon Raja classes: Assasin

Position: Wizard/Assasin


A rare combination of Melee and Ranged DPS. Assasin equips Next-Gen weapons which combine Dragon Blood and modern technology. Assasin can transform their weapons into different shapes to attack enemies. With their powerful weapons. Assassin is able to handle very complicated combats. Therefore, advanced skills are needed when using it. The judge of the battlefield is also vital. If you have the confidence, use assassin and let your enemies fear!


To start, the best class to choose is Gunslinger. He can deal with decent damage away from battle zone which ensures the safety.