Best configurations for Dragon Raja on PC

Dragon Raja has been released for a while which has attracted thousands of players. However, it does have some minimum requirements to enjoy the full gaming experience on your Android devices. That is the reason you should play Dragon Raja on PC with MEmu to get the best performance.


dragon raja pc

In order to play it on PC, you can download MEmu version which offers the best optimization for Dragon Raja. In case you are not sure about how to get Dragon Raja on your PC, please read Dragon Raja on PC: How to download.

Best Settings to Play Dragon Raja on PC with MEmu

Since the performance of your MEmu Android emulator depends mostly on the computer specifications, you ought to check if it fulfills the minimum system requirements for powering up Dragon Raja with MEmu. However, most computers can handle Dragon Raja without issues.

System Requirements for MEmu

Check the article here for minimum and recommended specifications for MEmu

Read this if you don’t know how to enable VT: How to Enable VT on Your Computer

Setting #1: Allocate more CPU and RAM resources to MEmu

This first step is to open MEmu settings and allocate more CPU cores and RAM to the emulator. It is suggested to select 4 cores for CPU and 4096M for RAM, you may choose the top preset directly in the performance settings.

dragon raja pc


Setting #2: Enable High Frame Rate Mode

The second step is to open Dragon Raja and click on the “+” sign on the right side of the game screen. Then, head to Settings – Graph tab and lower the graphics quality to level three. This will enable you access to set High Frame Rate to a higher level, which gives you the best performance to your gameplay.

dragon raja pc

However, you can adjust the graphics quality and frame rate to find a balance that you are comfortable with.


Offering the best performance for Dragon Raja, MEmu is the best Android emulator for gaming Dragon Raja on PC. If you encounter any problems while downloading MEmu or Dragon Raja, look for help from our FB support.