Free Fire Hyperbook Top-up event arrives with exclusive rewards with unique rules

An exclusive Hyperbook top-up event is in Free Fire with some unique rules and rewards. The newly arrived event is a little complicated and unique compared to the rest. Gamers upon receiving a new Hyperbook can use it as a gateway to get the eight newly added color-changing items.

Top-up events are usually a better way to claim desired rewards and upgrade in-game collection at a very limited diamond rate. The reward named Hyperbook will charge up to 100 diamonds. Obtaining this will allow players to proceed to the next stage to collect the eight epic rewards including gun skinsemotesGloo wall skin, and more.

Free Fire Hyperbook Top-up event Overview

The Hyperbook top-up event started on June 18 and will continue till June 23, 2022. The steps mentioned below will guide you through the event.

free fire Hyperbook top-up
Image via Garena
  • Firstly, players have to follow the general steps required to top-up in-game diamonds.
  • After completing it, players need to claim the Hyperbook reward.
  • Then they have to head towards the in-game Lab option on the left side of the lobby screen.
  • After that, they have to purchase the Rampage Hyperbook token crate from the store to acquire the rewards.
  • Rewards available on the first page will be given for free. From then on players need to collect each crate by spending 40 diamonds.
  • After collecting all the required tokens players can exchange them to unlock each page to claim the main rewards.

Hyperbook Top-up Event Rewards

  • Page 1: Hybrid Explosion Backpack.
  • Page 2: Grenade – Hybrid Explosion.
  • Page 3: Hybrid Explosion Loot Box.
  • Page 4: Gloo Wall – Electro Burn.
  • Page 5: Katana – Hybrid Explosion.
  • Page 6: Thompson – Hybrid Explosion.
  • Page 7: Chronicles of the Sword.
  • Page 8 (Secret Page): Gloo Wall – Cloud of Fear.
free fire Hyperbook top-up
Image via Garena

Tokens required to unlock each page

The first-page item is rewarded for free.

  • Page 2: 20 rampage hyperbook tokens.
  • Page 3: 25 rampage hyperbook tokens.
  • Page 4: 65 rampage hyperbook tokens.
  • Page 5: 80 rampage hyperbook tokens.
  • Page 6: 170 rampage hyperbook tokens.
  • Page 7: 210 rampage hyperbook tokens.
Hyperbook top-up
Image via Garena

Players can take part in this event to enhance their in-game collection. One must also note that the Thomson- Hybrid explosion gun skin comes with dominant attributes. It can thus impact any player’s gameplay leading to the possibility of taking down a squad in one go.

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