Free Fire OB41 update is set to introduce a new Character, Modes and more

The much-awaited Free Fire OB41 update is just around the corner as the developers recently confirm the August 10th, 2023 release date. The upcoming update will bring a tonne of new features to the game including new game modes, new character, guns, and much more.

Cyber Drop updates in Free Fire OB41 update

Special Cyber ​​Drops can not only give you better loot than regular airdrops but also Cyber ​​Points that you can use to buy very powerful items like M1887-X. Here are the rules for this Cyber Drop:

  •  The Cybernetic Drop will only appear in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of Contra Squad matches.
  • The Cyber ​​Drop will be transparent at the start of the round but will continue to appear as the Airdrop progresses.
  • The operation of the Cybernetic Drop is the same as the Defense Airdrop. Players must be in the Cyber ​​Drop area for 10-12 seconds (10 seconds for rounds 3 and 4, 12 seconds for round 5) to unlock and get loot and Cyber ​​Points. Opening Cyber ​​Drop in the 3rd or 4th round will give your team 1 Cyber ​​​​Point, while in the 5th round, you will get 2 Cyber ​​​​Points for your team.
  • If there are enemies in the capture area, you must defeat the enemy to take control of the airdrop. The airdrop will be given to teams that have players that are staying in that area.
  • In the CS Store, there is a Cyber ​​​​Item section. Each Cyber ​​Point will open certain items. When 1 team gets 3 Cyber ​​Points, they can buy the M1887-X weapon.
Free Fire OB41 Update

Image via Garena

Optimization of information on the CS Store page

The teammate’s weapon information will be visible on the store page! Use this information to define your strategy. New optimization in the preparation phase! Know the information about your friends’ weapons, help each other, and play better as a team!

  • During the preparation phase, the upper left corner of the CS Store will show your friend’s weapon information.
  • New Money Notification: You can inform your CS money amount to help or ask for help with purchases. You just need to press your CS money amount or use the tick feature to mark your CS money amount in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Unused Weapon Notification: During the preparation phase, players will be notified if a teammate discards their weapon.

Battle Royale updates in Free Fire OB41 update

New in-game mission: Defense Barracks

This new in-game quest allows you to unlock the Shed by standing near it for a certain amount of time and the Shed will also scan enemies near you.

The Defense Barrack is now added to the quest list in matches. Play Battle Royale to find this quest. In matches where this quest is active, players will no longer need the key to open the Shed. Once the quest is active, Barracão keys will no longer be found on the map or sold in vending machines. Players can unlock Barrack Defense by being near the Barrack area. When the progress reaches 100%, the Barracks will open.

If there are multiple teammates within the area, the Shed unlock speed will be faster. If there are enemies entering the Defense Shed area, progress will be stopped until only one team is in the area. Once the Defense Barrack is unlocked, a UAV will appear above it and scan nearby enemies. The UAV can be destroyed by the enemy, after which the arsenal will no longer have the scanning function.

Pursuit Mission

When every teammate is gone, the remaining players can get Pursuit Mission for nothing from vending machines (apart from vending machines). Only in Duo/Squad mode. To receive 400 FF Coins and Super Revival for each partner, you must survive the mission time (90 seconds for Duo, 100 seconds for Squad).

The location of the player who started the Pursuit Mission is visible to other players in the game on their maps. By eliminating adversaries that start the Pursuit Mission, you can earn enigmatic rewards! All players in one match may only buy Pursuit Mission a maximum of five times.

Other Changes in Battle Royale

Map and loot changes

  • Removed the drop of Hand Cannons in the blue zone.
  • Limited the dropping of 40mmSR in the blue zone. Small chance of 40mmSR dropping throughout the whole map.
  • Reduced the number of FF Coins dropped in the blue zone by 15%.
  • The blue zone will have two M60-I.
  • Small chance of Helmet Hardener dropping throughout the whole map.
  • Reduced the probability of high-level items dropping from Lv. 1 War Chests and increased the probability of healing items dropping from Lv. 1 War Chests.
  • Reduced the time of drop for Defense Airdrops from the 140s to the 80s. Increased the total number of Defense Airdrops per match from 2 to 4.
  • Delayed the time of drop for normal airdrops from the 160s to the 400s. Decreased the total number of normal airdrops per match to 3 for Duo and Squad modes and 2 for Solo mode.

Item changes

  • Corrosion Grenade: Increases Corrosion duration from 4 to 5 seconds. Reduced damage on Ice Walls from 230 to 170.
  • Airdrop: When looted, the surrounding light effect is changed to purple.
  • Airdrop: Scan range reduced from 120 to 100. HP increased from 200 to 500 and duration to 600 seconds.

Vending machine changes

  • The MP40 was replaced by the AK47.
  • FAMAS-II was replaced by FAMAS-III.
  • The free Katana has been replaced by the free Pan.
  • Stock Lv. 2 Free has been replaced by the AR cartridge.
  • The Free UZI has been replaced by the Free Drone. Limited to 1 per player.
  • The AR Cartridge has been replaced with a Silencer which can be purchased for 300 FF Coins.
  • Removed Helmet Hardener and Drone.
  • Removed the Shed key from the vending machine.

Other Changes

  • Optimized the Reviver Card buying experience. Now the selected number of players will be selected automatically according to the number of FF Coins owned. This can make it easier than ever to buy and revive teammates.
  • Optimization of the Shed’s closing function. You can now instantly see which teammates have the Barrack Key in the teammate’s status bar.

New Character in Free Fire OB41 update


Suzy is a fearsome bounty hunter with a good heart. She has a soft place for orphans and is prepared to continue working so they won’t have a childhood like hers.

Image via Garena

Money Mark: The enemy markings have bounty value. Anyone on the ally team who eliminates a marked enemy will earn 100 in-match currency. You will earn an extra 100 for eliminating an enemy.

Map Adjustments in Free Fire OB41 update


The loot level and terrain design on Bermuda, the oldest and most well-liked map in Free Fire, used to be difficult to reconcile with its significance as the highest point on the entire map. This time, Garena has considerably improved Peak’s overall loot level and updated its architectural design, giving Bermuda’s highest peak fresh life. Here are the updates for this map:

Free Fire OB41 Update

Image via Garena

  • Reset the entire building layout of Peak. Removed the original buildings and added a whole new estate.
  • Lowered the overall height of Peak compared to other locations, allowing for greater depth of space for battles around Peak.
  • Raised the overall loot density and quality.
  • The new Peak will be available in Clash Squad Casual and Ranked matches.


  • Adjusted the layout of the blue container area next to the billboard. We removed the curbs to weaken the previously strong advantageous positions; in addition, we also adjusted the placement of the blue containers, enhancing the playability of the container area.
  • Removed the two trees in the middle area and adjusted the shelters in the second-floor area of the Hangar, making the shooting experience on the second floor better.
  • Adjusted the layout of the first floor of the Hangar’s buildings. Added an extra door as a passage, providing a new movement route.


  • In response to the issue of the excessive strength of the third-floor platform within the Factory, we have made the following adjustments: reduced the height of the third floor and removed the covers on the third floor.
  • Adjusted the thickness of the railings inside the Factory, making them thinner. This is to reduce their impact on aim assist. Brightened the interior of the Factory for better visibility.
Free Fire OB41 Update

Image via Garena

Other Adjustments and Optimizations in Free Fire OB41 update

  • Added the maximum number of likes that can be given to other players per day.
  • Sending likes and emojis in matches will be displayed.
  • The location of teammates will be shown on the compass above the screen.
  • All emotes involving movement will no longer be interrupted by running.
  • In Contra Squad, you can now see enemy passive skills.
  • Reloading will not interrupt the process of waking up fallen friends.
  • Minimize the round results page in Contra Squad.
  • Added a countdown to shop closing in the CS Store.
  • You will no longer automatically switch to throwables after picking them up when you have nothing.
  • The color and presentation of some information have been changed in the No Blood setting to better suit the setting.
  • Added last visitor feature on the profile page.
  • The equipment skill logic in the character system has been optimized. Now, when changing the abilities of a character that you have not purchased, you can use them immediately after purchasing them and clicking “Equip”.
  • When viewing other players’ profiles, your avatar in the top left corner of the GALLERY will not be visible. The OVERVIEW and WEAPONS sections will be replaced with the avatar of the player you are currently viewing.
  • The logic for selecting items in the bag has been optimized.
  • Lobby UI sound effects have been changed to improve the player listening experience.
  • At the start of the match, if you have completed the character awakening quest, you can claim the prize automatically.
  • When aim assist (out of scope) concerns a downed enemy and there is an enemy nearby, you can easily change the target to an enemy that is still standing.
  • The position of the player’s head when running with a katana/scythe has been improved.
  • The improved loading speed of preset pages and weapons.
  • When the low FPS warning is triggered and you enter the settings page, the graphic quality and recommended FPS will be shown.
  • Players can change weapons while jumping (except when using tires or when falling).
  • When using a vehicle, players can now see weapons and perform various actions such as reloading, switching weapons, changing weapon shapes, upgrading weapons, and changing weapons to dual wielding.

The following Free Fire update is scheduled for August 10th, 2023. It’s important to note that Garena’s Battle Royale servers will go down and that players must update to the new version, OB41 update.

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