Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update Patch notes: New features, updates and more

Free Fire has been fixing many bugs and bringing new characters, attachments, and guns for making the battle royale experience fun, meanwhile maintaining the balanced gameplay. Following the previous OB29 update, Garena brings the Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day update. Here are the detailed patch notes from the Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update.

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update: Patch notes

Clash Squad changes

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update
Clash Squad changes

New 6v6 Clash Squad is now available in the customs room.

Map Adjustments

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update
Map Adjustments

The Clash Squad spawn point is adjusted in the Bermuda map. It was difficult for the teams to engage because of spawning in the lower area of The Clock Tower zone. The adjustment is on the spawn points for both teams to make this map more balanced. Besides, the play zone in Mars Electric got an adjustment to ensure the warehouse is in the center of the map.

Battle Royale changes

Airdrop Vending Machine

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update
Vending Machine

Airdrop Vending Machine is now available in classic and ranked Battle Royale. Players will be able to spend their FF coins in more locations with the introduction of the Airdrop Vending Machine.

Revival Points

HUD and UI display is optimized so that players will have more information about Revival Points. The systems include the following.

  • A countdown for when revival points will be closed for the match.
  • A revival point cooldown countdown on the map.
  • Players can now see the Revival Points being captured on the map, and they will no longer disappear halfway while players are capturing them.
  • Optimized the HUD display when spectating players who are capturing revival points.

Play Zone Adjustment

This adjustment includes higher damage to the play zone. Players will need to go to the play zone.

  • Damage increase by 10%.
  • Increased the damage increase of play zones by 3%.

Training Grounds changes

Combat Zone layout adjustments

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update
Combat Zone layout adjustments

The layout of the combat zone is simplified now for combat training. Some objects in the combat zone are removed to make enemies more visible in this area.

Character and Pets changes

The last patch update introduced a new pet Sensei Tig. This time the updates are bringing character skill adjustment.


Chrono’s Time Turner was too overpowered till now compared to other active skills. The adjustments include some cooldown and reduction in shield duration time.

Character Skill (Time Turner) Adjustments
  • Movement Speed: 5/7/9/11/13/15% reduced to 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Skill Duration: 3/4/5/6/7/8s reduced to 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • CD: 200/192/185/179/174/170s reduced to 250/242/235/229/224/220s.


Due to the fast-moving speed of Wukong, camouflage is currently a bit too difficult to be hit. This update decreases the mobility of the players while camouflaged.

Character Skill (Camouflage) Adjustments
  • Movement speed reduced by 20% when activated.

Andrew “The Fierce”

Andrew’s “Wolfpack” is too strong when the whole squad is equipping this skill. So, the updates will incorporate the damage reduction a bit. Thus, weapons can still be effective against fully armored Awakened Andrew.

Character Skill (Wolfpack) Adjustments
  • Damage Reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% reduced to 5/7/8/9/10/11%


His “Damage Delivered” needed a long cooldown, making the skill unreliable when players are constantly in combat. The time to cooldown is reduced so it can be ready faster between combats.

Character Skill Adjustments
  • Cooldown time: 35/34/32/29/25/20s reduced to 25/24/22/19/15/10s.

Jai’s new skill item “Microchip”

A new item has been added named “Microchip” which is available in the Free Fire Store. Players can use it to get Jai’s Skill – Raging Reload.

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day update: Weapon and Balance changes

Garena has always tried to make their battle royale game more and more balanced by adjusting the weapons stats and adding new and better weapons. The changes/addition are:

Armor Attachments

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update

Armor Attachments

In battle-royale mode, players were a bit uncomfortable as the gear progression is not very balanced since high-level armor can be purchased from the vending machine. Two new armor attachments are added to make sure players can further upgrade their armor when they spend their time looting. Garena has promised to bring more types of attachments in the next set of patch notes. By equipping on the vest, the new attachments will work as follows.

Vest Thickener Reduces damage from explosions
Vest HP Booster Increases HP

Treatment Sniper

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update
Treatment Sniper

Players can use this Sniper gun to heal their teammates. It can be used in damaging enemies as well. The base damage is set at 70, rate of fire is 0.45 (slightly faster than Dragonav).

Base Damage 70
Heal Strength 50
Rate of Fire 0.45

Adjusted weapons


This shotgun has been comparatively weaker than other shotguns. The range is increased by 10% in this update to make sure it can be more competitive with its peers.

Range +10%

This knife has been made a bit more deadly in this new update. Initial damage is increased by +50%, and rate of fire by +20%.

Base Damage +50%
Rate of Fire +20%

The grenade is too cost-effective, especially against fully-armed targets. This update reduces power from the Grenade to make sure players can only take out full health enemies with an extremely precise toss.

Maximum damage -25%

This SMG does not have enough versatility like others, especially in mid-range combats. So, the range has been increased to make it more reliable in mid-range battles.

Range +10%

This sniper got more power in this update so can remain effective against enemies with higher-level armor equipped. The armor penetration increased by +8%.

Armor Penetration +8%

The SKS is not so reliable right now because it is not so effective against armored enemies. A bit more damage has been added to make it more lethal when taking enemies down from afar.

Minimum damage while scoped-in +25%

The Vector is currently too deadly in close range. The adjustments are made to this weapon to give players enough time to react against enemies with the Vector Akimbo.

Reload time -20%
Rate of fire -5%
Ammo -5
Rate of fire in Akimbo -20%
Movement speed in Akimbo -4%

Gameplay and System changes

The Replay system is introduced as a part of the beta version. Further updates will come based on player feedback. Some changes are made to the Guild System as well.

Replay System (Beta)

Replay System (Beta)

It is available now on the profile page. The beta is exclusively available for only a few selected devices. Players can capture some of their highlight moments now.

Guild System

Not many updates do include the Guild System. Therefore, this time, Garena has brought new guild crates in Free Fire that can be shared with team members. Besides, the guild menu got a brand-new look.

Free Fire OB30 BOOYAH Day Update: Optimization and Bug Fixes

Garena has always looked to the bugs to fix them quickly to ensure a smooth gaming experience for the players. The following changes have been made to the game.

  • Players can split their items while discarding them.
  • Added players’ rank star count in the in-game Clash Squad leaderboard.
  • Added chat bubbles while in the team formation menu.
  • Optimized Decoy Grenade’s display on the mini-map.

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