Arknights celebrates its 3.5 anniversary with an exciting new update and rewards

In the commemoration of its 3.5 anniversary, the strategic RPG mobile game Arknights presents an update for its side story titled Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow. This latest event follows the narrative in Yan, guiding the Doctor on a journey deeper into the country to uncover further secrets of Sui.

As a gesture of gratitude for the unwavering support from players, Arknights introduces an array of fresh content, including innovative mechanisms, log-in rewards, complimentary Headhunting Permits, additional Operators, classic-styled outfits, and a thematic furniture set, all of which await the Doctors’ delight.

Unveil Chongyue’s legendary tale of guardianship in Arknight

In ‘Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow,’ the recently launched online narrative centers around Chongyue, the brother of Nian, Dusk, and Ling. For centuries, he has dutifully protected Yumen. In the current plotline, Doctors take on the role of following Chongyue’s journey to seek a worthy master for the sword he has left behind. Meanwhile, adversaries have set their sights on Yumen, leading to an inevitable clash.

Drawing inspiration from the Yumen catastrophe defense, the update introduces a fresh gameplay mechanism. Deploying this mechanism grants operators positioned on higher ground the advantage of dealing increased damage to enemies below.

Arknights Chongyue & LIn

Image via Yostar Games

Nevertheless, the defenses are not without vulnerability, as foes attempt to scale the heights and employ fiery bombardments against the operators. To succeed in the game, Doctors must employ their wit and intelligence to overcome these challenges.

Celebrate the 3.5 anniversary of Arknights with amazing events and rewards

The 3.5 Anniversary event features an array of in-game giveaways. Starting from July 28th, 2023, players will have access to a complimentary 10-roll headhunting permit and 14 daily log-in pulls. They will also benefit from an increased likelihood of obtaining new operators.

By taking part in the Lungmen Lucky Strips event, players will receive Orundum as a reward. Clearing event stages will enable players to redeem the 5-star Operator Jieyun, the exclusive “Yumen Clinic” Furniture set, and additional headhunting permits. Numerous other rewards will also be available for players to claim without charge.

Arknights introduces new operators with the update

Three new Operators become obtainable through the ongoing headhunting process. Chongyue, a 6-star Fighter, demonstrates the ability to enhance his own damage output when engaging opponents, resulting in powerful attacks that further escalate in effectiveness. Lin, a 6-star Phalanx, wields crystal barriers that shield against all incoming damage, but these barriers shatter upon reaching a specific threshold of damage, leading to a stunning effect and causing Arts Damage.

Firewhistle, the 5-star Fortress, incorporates a unique mechanic into her attacks, wherein she sets the target’s tile on fire while her skill is active, causing enemies within the burning area to sustain Arts Damage. Additionally, there is a free-to-claim 5-star Artilleryman named Jieyun, who can skillfully hurl her chakram forward, inflicting consistent Physical damage upon nearby adversaries and reducing their Movement Speed.

Grab amazing new arrivals at the in-game store in Arknights

The three traditional-styled outfits currently on sale include “It Does Wash the Strings” designed for Ling, “Illumination That of Daylights” tailored for Cantabile, and “Reflection That of the Moons” intended for Mulberry.

Moreover, there is an extensive collection of over 60 outfits available in the store. It is recommended not to overlook this opportunity. Furthermore, there is a themed furniture set called “Yumen Clinic,” meticulously reconstructed based on Waai Fu’s description, which is also up for grabs.

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