Free Fire on PC Lucky Royale August 2022 brings the new Pirate Cyborg skin

Free Fire is a popular battle royale, the thing which makes the game stand out is the wide range of outfits and characters. The game’s monthly Lucky royale is updated every month with new stock. Players are always excited about the new stocks and new skins. The diamond royale packs can later be exchanged through the Rubik’s cube store which adds up to the benefit of collecting the new skins and packs. On 8th August 2022, Free Fire is all set to launch a new diamond royale pack, this time it is going to be Pirate Cyborg skin.

How to get the Pirate Cyborg skin in Free Fire

In diamond royale, players collect items by playing a spin game. The spin game is simple with simple rules, one spin costs 60 diamonds and a 10+1 spin will cost 600 diamonds collectively at once. The result of the spin is very random and is just like gambling.

Pirate Cyborg skin

Image via Garena

The probability of you receiving the desired item is very random. Now as mentioned above the Cyborg Pirate set is also a part of Diamond Royale for the month of August, so to get this skin players will have to take part in the spin game.

Final Thoughts

Free Fire Pirate Cyborg skin

Image via Garena

Apart from the diamonds, diamond royale tickets can be used in the spin game. There are certain numbers of rewards, so the more the players spin, the more their chances of getting the Cyborg Pirate set. After every 3 spin rounds, a rare item is guaranteed. So players can try their luck in this to get the aesthetic Cyborg Pirate skin.

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