Free Fire on PC OB30 update: Expected release date, Advance Server features, and more

With the release of the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server a few days back, gamers have the opportunity to extensively test out new features before their incorporation into the title with the upcoming patch.

A sneak peek of the new feature has sparked excitement among players now anticipating the release of the patch. After the update’s release, users will be able to get the updated version from the Google Play Store and App Store. Additionally, the developers might even compensate the players with various items for downloading the latest version.

Free Fire OB30 update expected release date

The Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 will conclude on 29 September (Image via Free Fire)
The Clash Squad Ranked Season 8 will conclude on 29 September (Image via Free Fire)

The previous few Free Fire patches were generally released a day before the existing Clash Squad Ranked Season ended. The ranked season 8 is slated to close on 29 September. As a result, players can expect the upcoming update to roll out on 28 September.

This expected date is further backed by the fact that the OB29 update was released a day before the new Gold Royale, and the current one closes on 29 September.

The Current Gold Royale ends on 29 September (Image via Free Fire)

The servers will remain inaccessible on the day of the patch due to maintenance, and the update will be released a few hours later. However, users can only play Free Fire once the servers are up and running.

Probable features


The first mystery character in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Gamers can expect the two mystery characters present in the Advance Server to be released in the OB30 update. The first one’s ability is called Memory Mist, which will reveal the enemies’ location within a 50m range after players eliminate an opponent.

On the other hand, the second mystery character’s ability is Buzzer Beater, which will replenish 30 health points after users survive combat.


The weapon will deal damage when shot at enemies (Image via Free Fire)

Two new firearms from the Advance Server may also be introduced in the upcoming patch. This includes a Treatment Shotgun and Treatment Spiner, replenishing the HP of teammates when they are shot.

New pet – Agent Pop

Agent Hop will help players gain EP went the safe zone shrink (Image via Free Fire)

The developers might also add Agent Hop, a new pet with an ability called Bouncing Bonus. EP will be recovered whenever the safe zone shrinks.

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