Free Fire: Orion is a new character coming with the May 2023 update

In a bold gesture to champion the uncommon, Free Fire is releasing Project Scorpion: The Fist of Vengeance, the game’s latest campaign featuring its first-ever villain character, Orion. Players who participate in the celebrations from May 12 to May 28 can witness the mayhem the vengeance-seeking villain will cause through a variety of activities, such as the themed in-game special interface that grants players with Orion.

Explore Orion’s self-discovery journey as he gains mastery over The Fist of Vengeance in Free Fire

On May 20, players and fans will be able to take part in the introduction of the Legendary Scorpio Bundle, which includes a new legendary outfit, play in the new Triple Wolves game mode, and win enticing login prizes for the Orion Character, bringing Project Scorpion to a thrilling conclusion. Fans of Free Fire may also keep an eye out for future multimedia content, such as the primary movie Orion, The Fist of Vengeance, and a 3-part video series, that will unveil Orion’s backstory.

Free Fire OB39 Update

Image via Garena

Orion is a man who is constantly at war with himself, consumed by his inner demons, and often angered. He was granted a second opportunity when he joined the Mambas after the sad murder of his parents. But soon, his insatiable need to exact revenge on his parents drove him down a dark alley, poisoning his fists with wrath.

Crimson Crush, Orion’s special ability in the game, is a representation of his quest to find himself in a world that has stripped him of everything. Crimson Crush gives Orion the ability to temporarily become indestructible during combat and take HP from adjacent foes.

A Scorpio-themed legendary costume and the new M1014 Evo Gun will be up for grabs

Starting on May 20, players can wear the new Scorpio-themed legendary outfit featuring Orion’s corrupted fist to represent his might and power. The Gloo Wall, katana, and fist skin, among other popular weapons, will all come in Scorpio-themed variations that players can select and use.

The M1014 – Scorpio Shatter, a limited-edition, configurable Evo Gun modeled after Project Scorpion, will also be released by Free Fire. When a player kills their final enemy, the Final Shot feature, which plays a full-screen animation of a red scorpion, and special reload effects are among the additional features the weapon gives players.

In addition, the new gun will come with custom abilities that allow players to switch attributes and skills with their owned Evo M1014 – Green Flame Draco, and players can also rename their M1014 – Scorpio Shatter an unlimited number of times.

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