Free Fire x Attack on Titan Leaks: New weapons, Titan Bundles and more

Free Fire × Attack on Titan collaboration is all set to roll out soon within March. The peak day of this high-profile event is anticipated to be on the 27th of March. As many old players would know, Garena has been trying all sorts of collaborations with various franchises and influencers since late 2019. So far, these collaborations have been loved by the players. Lately, after the Chrono collaboration with star-footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, the game has taken a swift turn into creating content with Anime Studios. Thus, Attack on Titan isn’t the first anime to be featured in the game. In the past, players have had experienced the luxury of witnessing animes such as One Punch Man and Demon Slayer get featured in the game.

For those unaware, Attack on Titan is a Japanese animated television series, based on the genres of Dark Fantasy and Action. The series is adapted from the manga with the same title, written by Hajime Isayama. In this article, we will take a closer look at all those goodies coming along our way, as the collaboration unveils itself soon.

Exploration Troop Bundles & Titan Bundles

These bundles are based on the standard Survey Corps uniform which some of the characters wear in the anime throughout the first three seasons. Free Fire tried to bring many similarities in terms of designing those bundles on the two Ackermans, namely, Mikasa and Levi Ackerman.

Although these bundles don’t really portray the characters that well, they do look attractive. It is speculated that the female bundle will be given out for free, while the male bundle might arrive in the Mystery Store in the Indian server.

Titans are giant monstrous creatures in the anime that devour human beings. There are quite a few titans with special abilities like the Armour Titan and the Attack Titan among others. These titans will also be featured in the game in the form of two new exclusive bundles. These outfits will not come as individual items but rather as a whole (just like the Dino outfit). Chances are that one of these bundles will be out in the Special Diamond Royale later this month. Though, nothing is certain as of now.

New weapons & Face masks!

Two new weapons will be introduced under this collaboration. One is going to be a legendary M1014, while the other will be a theme-gun P90. Considering, these weapons are part of a very special collaboration, designs of the legendary guns are obviously going to very impressive.

New weapons of P90 and M1014

The upcoming M1014 will carry a heavy style and details on it with the Colossal Titan head attached to it. The theme skin P90, on the other hand, looks pretty basic. The attributes of these weapons haven’t been released yet. But, as per the speculations, the M1014 will possess a high-vest penetration buff. The same might be the case with the P90 in a moderate amount. The legendary M1014 will most probably be seen in the Special Weapon Royale around the end of this month.

Face Masks are now in the form of Titan’s faces! These masks are something new to have under these sorts of collaborations. Free Fire has really tried to be a bit creative, as Attack on Titan fans will realize the faces while the rest of the player base will probably find those masks pretty funny without knowing the story behind it!

Other minor changes

All of the following changes are also based on the upcoming Free Fire × Attack on Titan Collaboration theme.

  • New Plane Skin
  • New Main Menu lobby visuals
  • Brand-new Airdrop and Summon Airdrop design
  • New Lobby Gift design
  • New Blimp Airship theme
  • Loading screen visuals

So far, this is all we have got for you guys! The page will be further updated as more leaks get disclosed. So, stay on the lookout! This upcoming collab seems very promising, all the more for the Attack on Titan fans!

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