Garena Free Fire on PC: Full Details and Rewards of Season 41

This month will prove to be very good for the players playing Garena Free Fire game because currently, the 4th-anniversary event is going on in the game, and under that event players will get many rewards for free, but now after reading this article your happiness will increase more because in this article we have covered some leaks and news of Elite Pass of the upcoming Season 41 of the game.

Actually, the Elite Pass of season 41 is going to come in October. So let’s know what we can see in this Elite Pass.

Bike Skin

In the Elite Pass of Season 41, we can get to see the skin of a bike. However, this is a non-legendary bike skin and you will get to see this skin on the 0 badges at the start itself.

Female Jacket

This jacket of female looks good, in which apart from blue and white color, a combination of many colors can be seen.

Female Bundle

According to the theme, the combination of white and blue colors is also seen in the bundle of the female. You will definitely like this bundle as it looks like the traditional costume of Aladdin and Arabian Nights. You will have to spend 50 badges on this bundle.

Male Jacket

This jacket is good but a bit similar to the previous Elite Pass. A combination of blue, white, and pink colors is seen in this jacket.

Male Bundle

The male bundle also looks absolutely stunning and this bundle also looks like the traditional costume of Aladdin and Arabian Nights.


This T-shirt looks simple in appearance and blue and golden colors are seen on this T-shirt.


This backpack is looking very nice and colorful. The shape of this backpack is like the water bag shown in the Aladdin.

Spas12 Gun Skin

According to the theme in this skin, blue color is present in abundance. This is a simple and normal gun skin.

M249 Gun Skin

The skin of this gun is also the same as the Spas12 and the color combination is also the same.

Loot Box

The Loot Box has been made like an Aladdin’s Chirag which looks great.

Parachute Skin

The previous Elite Pass did not have the skin of a parachute but this time you are going to get the skin of a great parachute.

Surfboard Skin

In the Elite Pass of Season 41, you get to see the skin of a Legendary Surfboard. This skin is amazing in appearance and looks like a mirror.


You must be aware that we did not get the emote in the Elite Pass of September, that’s why we are going to get a wonderful emote in October’s Elite Pass. This is a great dancing emote.

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