Guns of Glory is Giving $35k to Celebrate 3rd Birthday



Guns of Glory is one of the last five years’ most successful mobile strategy games, and it’s not hard to see why. This stylish multiplayer epic, Musketeer-themed, isn’t exactly like anything else on the market.

It’s not filled with dragons and orcs for a start, just like every other mobile MMO seems to be. Instead, it is set right before the industrial revolution in a real historical period when swords were sharp, guns were basic and hats were magnificent.

The game sees you assemble an army of Musketeers, train them, form alliances, and perform daring raids. There is also generous resource-management help in there.

And if you are concerned about the attractiveness of a purely historic setting, don’t be so. Guns of Glory has a sleek aesthetic of steampunk, with airships, alchemy, and all that good things.

In its three short years, Guns of Glory has done phenomenally well, racking up 80 million downloads and nearly 90 number one spots on Google Play and the App Store.

Developer FunPlus is holding a series of in-game events to celebrate the third anniversary of the game as well as elevating one lucky superfan to godlike status within the Guns of Glory community.

The contest Glory Ambassador, which began on September 3rd and runs until September 18th, will see the winner pocketing the vast sum of $20,000 and becoming the official Glory Ambassador of the game.

This means working with the community and FunPlus, serving as a vital bridge between fans and developers.

The runners up are also given prizes. Second place gets $10,000, third gets $5,000, and an additional 20 nominees each get a huge package of goodies in-game.

Entering the contest for Glory Ambassador includes three separate submissions including a video, a picture, and a review. Just go to the Guns of Glory Facebook page for more information, and check out the posts on there.

May superfan win best!

Guns of Glory is available on the Play Store of MEmu for free.



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