The 4th anniversary of Guns of Glory is being commemorated

To commemorate the four-year anniversary of Guns of Glory, FunPlus has created a unique Pirate Carnival event that will run through September 19th! And there’s a lot of work to be done. It’s time to jump right in!

Fair by the Sea (August 22nd-September 19th)
Complete pirate-themed events to earn Pieces of Eight Coins, which can be exchanged for fantastic uncommon and common things at the Seaside Fair, including limited-edition anniversary exclusives like the Castle Skin and Décor.

a voyage at sea (August 30th-September 6th)
Threats must be eliminated, Red Guard camps must be rallied, and resources must be gathered in order to obtain Voyage Supplies. These can be exchanged for powerful Bravery Badges and other valuable rewards that you won’t want to miss out on.

Shipwrecks (August 20th-September 5th)
Like any other sunken pirate ship, this one is rumored to contain some valuables. This time, however, you won’t have to break through the ship to uncover the loot; instead, you’ll have to build it. Complete daily activities to collect Shipwreck Wood, which you can then donate to the Sunken Ship to raise its level. The higher the level, the better the rewards.

Hunt for Pirates (August 30th-September 3rd)
This is a PvE event with a boss fight that will reward you with Pieces of Eight Coins for the Seaside Fair. You can also expect to win some more unique stuff.

Immortality! PvP Anniversary Buff (September 4th-September 5th and September 18th-September 19th) No troops will die during the Crown Invasions, literally. Make the most of this benefit.

Special World Boss for the Anniversary: Wolf Lord (September 4th-September 18th)
For this anniversary event, a new boss, the Wolf Lord, will join Guns of Glory.

a puzzle to solve (September 5th-September 11th)
You can locate puzzle pieces by accumulating resources, rallying Red Guard Camps, and defeating Threats, just like in Sea Voyage. This is a different way to get Pieces of Eight Coins.

Warm-Up Event for the Battle Tournament (September 6th-September 15th)
Do you want a one-time-only avatar? Then simply complete the form.

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