How to download and play Honor of Kings in any country on MEmu

Honor of Kings, one of the most played MOBA games for the mobile platforms, developed by Level Infinite, has finally started to roll out the global version of the game. After a successful beta, the game has officially launched exclusively in Brazil. However, players from any country of the world can try out the game even before the global release. In this article, we will show you the steps to download Honor of Kings global version from any country of the world on MEmu.

How to download Honor of Kings global version APK (Android)

Honor of Kings is currently only available for Brazil regio. If you are from Brazil, you can download this game on MEmu via Google store. However, players from any other country can follow the given steps to download Honor of Kings APK on your MEmu.

Follow the mentioned step by step guide to download Honor of Kings (HOK) in anywhere in the world

  1. Get a VPN that allows you to connect to Brazil

    Since the game is out only in Brazil for now, you’ll need a VPN that will connect to Brazil without any hassle. Post installation, connect to the Brazil server using the VPN.

  2. Create a Brazilian Google account

    A Brazilian Google Play account will make things easier to get the game directly from Google Play. So create a Google account while you are connected to Brazil on VPN.

  3. Access the Brazilian Google Play store

    Once you are done creating your Brazilian Google Play account, restart MEmu. Connect to Brazil VPN again. Login to Google Play Store using the new BR account.

  4. Search and install Honor of Kings

    Now search for Honor of Kings in the Google Play store and the game will appear in your search. Click on install and wait until the download is finished. Viola! You’ll be able to enjoy the game now without needing any VPN.

Here are all the necessary steps to play Honor of Kings global version from any country in this world. Unfortunately, the devs are yet to announce the release date of Honor of Kings in any other country. However, since the game is already out in Brazil, players from other countries can also hope that the game will be available in their region very soon.

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