How to download and play Marvel Future Revolution on PC in any country

Marvel Future Revolution is Netmarble’s Marvel-themed open-world MMORPG with a bunch of popular superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and others from the Marvel Franchise. The game is set to release globally in September but now has soft-launched in Canada for both Android and iOS. The game promises fans beautifully visualized cutscenes that help convey an original story and well-choreographed combat gameplay that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Netmarble has already started teasing the hero gameplay from March. Today in this article, we’ll discuss how to download and play the Marvel Future Revolution from anywhere till the game becomes globally available.

Gameplay Overview

The story starts with a multi-dimensional crisis and it’s time for the superheroes, who formed the Omega Flight team, to save the day. Players will be part of the team to protect the world. Besides the regular campaign mode, the game offers a number of additional PvP modes.

From the beginning, there will be 8 playable characters with different sets of skill sets and difficulty ratings namely: Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, and Storm. Future Revolution additionally takes players to various incredible locations called New Stark City, Midgardia, Xandearth, etc. With future updates, the devs plan to add more characters with a lot more customization.

Step by Step guide to download and play Marvel Future Revolution beta in any country

Do not worry if you are not a Canadian or currently residing in Canada. Please follow the steps given here and you’ll be able to install and play the Marvel Future Revolution regional beta easily. You will need a strong VPN app with the location set as Canada to run the game.

How to download Marvel Future Revolution on Android

  1. Install the TapTap application
  2. Now open TapTap and search for Marvel Future Revolution.
  3. Now click on Download and wait for some time as the game is around 89 MB in app size
  4. Once the download is complete, a popup will open asking to install. Tap on Install
  5. Wait for some time for the game to install
  6. Once that is done, turn on your VPN connection and set it to Canada and then open up the game.
  7. Once the game opens, it asks for additional in-game downloads of files. Have patience as the downloads require an additional 5.5GB of storage space, make sure you are not lacking space or data!
  8. Once the files have been downloaded, wait for the game optimization, and now finally You can enjoy Marvel Future Revolution on your Android device

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