State of Survival on PC new update adds three new Seventh Generation Heroes

The zombie-based strategy survival game State of Survival is adding three more new heroes to its initial roster list. The three Seventh Generation Heroes coming to the State of Survival are Magnus, Grimm & Cardini. Starting from 5th July 2021, all the three new characters will be tested in states 211 to 234. The developers also stated that this new generation of heroes will be added to other states too. Generation 6 heroes are unlocked after completing all stages of the MIGO season. The rumors of new Generation 7 heroes coming to the State of Survival were teased by the developers “King Group Games” since last week.

Seventh Generation Characters in State of Survival

1. Magnus

Character Overview 

Seventh Generation Heroes: Magnus
  • Name – Magnus Petersen
  • Gender – Male
  • Age – 44
  • Occupation – Auto repair shop owner
  • Appearance – Sporting a beard, his bald head shines reflectively in the sun. Magnus is extremely strong and his skin is a patchwork of large tattoos.
  • Abilities – Fist of Destruction, Explosive Force & Ignore Pain. 

2. Cardini

Character Overview 

Seventh Generation Heroes: Cardini
  • Name-  Cardini Chaplin
  • Gender – Male
  • Age – 37
  • Occupation – Magician
  • Appearance – A magician who usually has a throbbing headache, he wears the traditional attire of his trade, but in a shabby and unkempt condition. He often wanders in a drunken state of disorientation.
  • Abilities – Burning Cards, Cheater & Magician’s Cunning.

3. Grimm

Character Overview 

Seventh Generation Heroes: Grimm
  • Name – Grimm
  • Gender – Male
  • Age – 30
  • Occupation – Psychiatric patient
  • Appearance
  • A strange man with thick white paint slathered on his face dresses in a bizarre fashion. Often delirious, he behaves illogically; dismembering the Infected has become a sport for him.
  • Abilities – Mad Killing, Frenzy & Brutal Torture.

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