How to enable PUBG Mobile 90 FPS on MEmu

MEmu offers the best smart controls to play PUBG mobile in the world. Now it is delivering more! Say goodbye to the old glitchy graphics and start to play with 90 FPS extreme frame rates! Professional players, do you want to have a smoother experience and examine all the details on the battlefield? You would never want to go back once having this option enabled in MEmu Play!

The first method

Step 1: Enable high FPS mode.

Step 2: Download ‘Active.sav’ then drag it to the MEmu homepage.

Download link:

Step 2: Select this file then click ‘0’

Step 3: Replace the original ‘Active.sav’

Step 4: Change the graphics to ‘HDR’ show frame rate and check.

The second method

Step 1: Enable high FPS mode.

Step 2: Download “HEX Editor” from the Google store.

Step 3: Open ‘HEX Editor’ then find Active.sav


Step 4: Search ‘FPS’ and change to String, click ‘FIND’

Step 5: Change ’07’ to ’06’ and choose ‘HEX Fragment’, set value

Step 6: Show frame rate and enjoy the game.

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