How to win a competition in Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics is a MOBA game that challenges its players in a different way than League of Legends and it has attracted millions of players now. If you’re new to Teamfight Tactics and the Auto Chess genre, then you’re likely experiencing a pretty steep learning curve. That’s to be expected, as Teamfight Tactics is a fairly complex game.

Players need to manage their own economic system, work towards class and origin synergies and remember various item recipes. It can take at least a few hours to really feel like you’ve understood the basics. We would like to share some tips for players and help them to finally begin enjoying the game.

Get an early advantage.

In Teamfight Tactics, always match up your champions with optimum items. The item they’re pre-equipped with can make a massive difference to your overall strength. When an item comes pre-equipped on a champion which it just doesn’t match up with, just refund them without any doubt. Abandon sunk cost in time always optimize your benefits. In fact, the item will jump straight into your inventory and act as a perfect recipe ingredient. So there is nothing to worry about.

Pursuing some kind of overpower champions and combos is exciting indeed. Pursuing overpower champions and combos blindly is not a rational option. Battle cheesing is also a kind of game, players have to keep rational to win the game. Therefore, choose a feasible formation is an important move.

Manage your economy

Harboring a healthy economy is the key to reaching the late game and bolstering your composition in Teamfight Tactics, even if it means taking a little bit of a hit to your health bar along the way. Max benefits formula will be “Basic gold+winning/ losing streak+interest+ pirate”. Although winning streak appears randomly. When you get two 2-stars champions or several good champions, looking for a winning streak could be a great option.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with a tough situation in the early game, it happens to be the right time to lose, on purpose. Set some weak champions or just set no one on the battlefield. Save your money until 50 golds, and then you are able to gain 5 golds every round as interest. Expand your population by saving extra golds until it reaches 8. Now is time to refresh your storage, buy expensive champions and upgrade them to 2-stars level. That is the way how you recover in the late game.

Position champions correctly

During the whole gaming process in Teamfight Tactics, please Identify which of your champions are the carries – the ones who’ll be dishing out the damage or using particularly potent spells. Next, protect them. Place some tanker units at the front so they’ll draw aggro away from your more vulnerable champions.

Don’t forget to reposition your champions before creep waves too. Some behave differently to others. In particular, there’s a pack of wolves which will always jump to your backline. To deal with this, position your tanks on the backline instead.

Here are some tips about Teamfight Tactics, wish they can help you understand this game better and start to enjoy it as soon as possible.

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