MEmu 6.2.7 is Released!

MEMU Android Emulator 6.2.7 is officially released!
New feature walk-through in MEMU 6.0



What’s new:

  • Strongly improves graphical performance
  • Now you can start Operation recorder, Synchronizer and Screen recorder with the shortcut key(Ctrl + F1, Ctrl + F9, Ctrl + F5) at the home screen.
  • Now the notifications of MEmu (Android) will show in Windows interface.(In notice center)
  • More performance options for low-end PCs (with one or dual-core CPU) are now provided.
  • When MEmu is running in virtual machines (without graphic card), DirectX mode will be the default option.

What’s fixed:

  • Fix the occasional bug that icon and text cannot be displayed normally.
  • Fix the occasional bug that the Synchronizer does not work.
  • Fix the occasional bug that MEmu crashes at the 63% of the initialization on some laptops.
  • Fix the occasional bug that MEmu cannot restart.
  • Fix the occasional bug that the usage of CPU is too high.
  • Fix the bug of Internet connection when setting DNS under NAT mode.
  • Fix the bug that the shoot mode is invalid when entering full screen.
  • Fix the bug that when entering, the letter V shows.
  • Fix some other tiny bugs.

Games/APPs compatibility:

  • 街球對決, You may now play this game without it crashing upon launch.
  • Game of Thrones Conquest™, You may now install this game without errors.


  1. Notifications on Windows

Now, if you turn on the option, the notifications of Android (Games, Apps) will show on Windows interface.


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