Play Identity V PC with Key-Mapping

Identity V is getting its popularity on many countries, this post will show you identity V PC with key mapping, introduce game characters, show you how to play Identity V with Key-Mapping, improve you game experience.

Using key-mapping can improve your game experience, bring you smooth control. This video only shows you how to play Identity V with Hunter.

Watch video about how to play Identity V with key-Mapping↓


Hunter and Survivor introduction.

  • Hunter

1. Hell Ember —— Puppet Control

Identity V PC


2. Smiley Face —— Rocket Dash Smiling Face

3. Gamekeeper —— Hook


4. The Ripper—— Hidden in Fog


5. Soul Weaver—— Webbing

Soul Weaver

6. Geisha—— Dash Hit


Survivor and the ability

1. Doctor —— Medical skills


2. Lawyer —— Game Map


3. Thief —— Flashlight


4. Gardener —— Destroy rocket chair


5. Mercenary


6. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy

7. Magician


8. ExplorerExplorer

9. CoordinatorCoordinator

10. MechanicMechanic

11. ForwardForward

12. The Mind’s eyeThe mind's eye

13. PriestessPriestess

Finally, here is steps about how to play Identity V PC with magic hotkey:

  1. Download & Install MEMU Player at
  2. Run MEMU Player (DirectX is the default graphic rendering mode)
  3. Login Google Play and Install PUBG Mobile
  4. Run PUBG Mobile (PUBG keymapping mode is enabled by default once enter into game)

For more details about how to install and run MEmu App Player, please check as below.

Play Identity V on PC

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