Introduction of compressed disk function

During the use of the emulator, as the number of installed applications gradually increases, the emulator disk file will gradually increase. Even after the application is manually deleted, the size of the emulator disk file will not reduce, which will cause a waste of storage space. The device supports disk compression to solve this problem. Before using this function, you need to start the emulator, manually delete useless applications, close the emulator then perform compression to get a good compression effect.

Note that this operation does not automatically delete the application for the user, but only releases the redundant storage space wasted by the repeated installation of the application.

1. Open an emulator with large disk space and prepare to delete the application.

2. We have now deleted the five applications in the second row, but the hard disk space occupied by the simulator has not decreased.

3. Close the emulator, and then perform the clean up function on the Multi-MEmu.

4. This operation takes a long time and requires a certain amount of additional storage space during the process. Please make sure that your disk has enough free space and please be patient.

5. Please wait patiently for the completion of the cleaning operation. Do not start the compressed emulator or close the Multi-MEmu during this period. The specific time-consuming depends on your machine performance and the size of the emulator disk file.

6. When the disk cleaning is completed, the actual released disk capacity will be displayed.

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