MEmu 2.6.6 is Released!

Please visit to download the latest MEmu 2.6.6 package.

Release Notes for 2.6.6:

  • Improve the compatibility of Nvidia graphic card with some games
  • Improve the stability of APK install in Windows XP
  • Fix an issue of online update
  • Fix some tiny bugs

Note: The main download link may have speed issue at first few days because of CDN refresh process. So suggest you to download from Google mirror instead.

Note: Memu-Setup.exe is signed by Microvirt, MD5 is 28b4d971a92a9fe757c9c8374d30775a and SHA-1 is 86d94d49c193728d5111be79722f22e9066cbdb7.

Note: Please backup your app and data with OVA file ahead, read this blog for more details.

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