MEmu 5.2.2 is Released!

MEMU 5.2.2 is official released! 
md5: 407d5c3eb1c0f09a70fc46c6146f8fa6
Google Drive


Change Log:

  • Changes to PUBG keymapping mode
    1) Add support to select weapons in the box with mouse wheel
    2) Add support to drive with WASD in vehicle button controls mode
    3) Fix an issue of occasional black grass in PUBG mobile
    4) Fix an issue of occasional top coordinate disappear in PUBG mobile
    5) Fix an issue of occasional camera view stuck when take off car or throw grenade
  • Fix an issue of occasional window layout not working in Multi-MEMU
  • Fix some other tiny bugs

– It might take a little bit longer for the first time boot-up.
– It might take a while if overwrite multiple existed Android 5.1 VMs.
– Download additional Android 4.4 kernel in Multi-MEmu if need it.
– Import/Export supports backward compatibility, NOT forward MEmu 3.

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