MEmu 5.5.7 is Released!

MEMU 5.5.7 is official released!  New features walk-through in 5.5
md5: 364911013789767602be9c496895d33b
Google Drive

Android 5.1 is up-to-date along with the 5.5.7 package. Android 4.4 and 7.1 will be updated online in a few days.


Change Log:

  • Add support to Android 7.1 creation in Multi-MEmu
  • Add support to free look button in key-mapping panel
  • Add support to display frame rate on the corner(You can enable it via top Menu)
  • Add support to change country code of Telecom Operator
  • Improve the quality of audio and record voice
  • Fix an issue of occasional camera view auto-activation
  • Fix an issue of occasional key-mapping not working
  • Change for PUBG mobile
    – Add support to smart sprint (run by default)
    – Add support to smart key for emoji (F4, 0~9, -, =)
    – Improve the range limitation of free look to the right
    – Fix an issue of scope disabled when on fire
    – Fix an issue of occasional WASD Mode stuck when get in/off car
  • Fix some tiny bugs

– It will take a little bit longer for the first time boot-up.
– It will take longer if you have many existed VMs to override.
– Override install doesn’t support downgrade to MEmu 5.3 or earlier revision.


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