MEmu 6.0.1 is Released!

A Big Move!! MEMU Android Emulator 6.0.1 is official released!
New feature walk-through in MEMU 6.0

md5: 57cb0bd80e78b88c1a54a15a0bca1fdd


Change Log:

  • Upgrade MEMU core engine for better performance
  • Add support to tab different app like Chrome’s tab
  • Add support to install XAPK file directly
  • Add support to share camera among VMs (no need to configure any more)
  • Add support to choose microphone device
  • Add support to numerical mouse sensitivity in keymapping
  • Add support to a new full functional command MEMUC (How-to)
  • Improve CPU usage significantly in OpenGL mode
  • Increase internal storage size to 32GB
  • Reduce boot time by 30%
  • Changes to Multi-MEMU
    • Add support to batch import multiple VMs
    • Add support to online upgrade Android 7.1 and Android 4.4
    • Add support to change language separately
  • Fix the issue of twinkling stripe on the left screen during video record
  • Fix the issue of occasional black screen issue when switch graphic mode
  • Fix the issue of occasional mouse failure in PUBG keymapping mode
  • Fix the issue of occasional database access failure
  • Fix some other tiny bugs

– It will take a little bit longer to boot new VM at the first time.
– It will take longer to install if you have many existed VMs to overwrite.

memu android emulator

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