MEmu 6.2.5 is Released!

MEMU Android Emulator 6.2.5 is officially released!
New feature walk-through in MEMU 6.0



What’s new:

  • Add support to Smart mode 2.0 for Free Fire
  • Add support to choose prevent WIndows to sleep or not in Multi MEmu(MEmu console)
  • Add support to send messages with Enter key on keyboards in multiple apps (eg: Whatsapp)
  • Add new interface of the home page of MEmu

What’s fixed:

  • Fixed Microphone issue and mouse issue (stuck) in Free Fire
  • Fixed Input issue of some special letters in some languages
  • Fixed the crash issue of Call of Duty: Mobile under DirectX mode.


1.No more mouse issues! Smart keymapping 2.0 for Free Fire Battlegrounds

The mouse will never get stuck

Yes, that’s true. This time we solve the mouse problem once and for all. The smart keymapping will detect the stuck issue and fix it at that moment. No need for pressing a key. No need for going out & in shoot mode. We will do all the things for you!

and also:

Microphones work!

Thanks to all our users, we finally solved the problem of the microphone in Free Fire. Time to team up with friends and get your Booyah. Better communication, better performance!

2. Type any letter as you want


Now you can change the input language of Windows and input the letters directly into MEmu. No need to change anything

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