No more mouse issues! Smart keymapping 2.0 for Free Fire Battlegrounds

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A few days ago, we released a version of smart keymapping for Free Fire. And now, we offer our dearest users something better! Smart keymapping 2.0!


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What’s new?

Actually, we just solved two issues and the result is that

The mouse will never get stuck

Yes, that’s true. This time we solve the mouse problem once and for all. The smart keymapping will detect the stuck issue and fix it at that moment. No need for pressing a key. No need for going out & in shoot mode. We will do all the things for you!

and also:

Microphones work!

Thanks to all our users, we finally solved the problem of the microphone in Free Fire. Time to team up with friends and get your Booyah. Better communication, better performance!

Other features of Smart keymapping for Free Fire:

Free Fire Smart Key

  • Smart keys show automatically when driving, looting, using items, etc.
  • The mouse will show when you open your bag, just loot as much as you can. Then, the mouse sensor will be hidden when you close the bag. You can go back to the fight as soon as you press the ‘tab’ or the ‘ESC’ key.
  • Updated system of sensitivity, smooth and stable.


  • Overwrite installation supported, but we recommend you to back up your data before updating to the new version.
  • The smart mode itself is still in beta, tell us your feelings and advice about it, we will make it better in the next version!
  • MEmu loves you all!  We will keep working for your better performance.


Download Free Fire on PC with MEmu