MEmu 7.0.3 is officially released!

Release note:

What’s new:

  • Fully integrated with Discord. Now  Join now!
  • Greatly optimized the compatibility of games on PC with AMD graphic cards. Eg:(Call of Duty Mobile, Lifeafter, Identity V, Onmyoji Arena, Cyber Hunter, Creative Destruction etc.)
  • Optimized the menu & dialog box to choose the keymapping for different heroes in Moba games(Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)
  • Optimized the user experience for the compact(Clean up) process in Multi-MEmu
  • Upgrade the version of Android System WebView to have better compatibility of browser-related applications.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed the issue of increasing usage of memory (RAM) after open and close apps repeatedly
  • Fixed the issue that MEmu crashes when clicking “Recent APPs” button in some games under DirectX mode
  • Fixed the issue of black screen after creating a large number of emulators (over 1800)
  • Fixed the issue that apk files downloaded in system browser cannot be installed by clicking
  • Fixed the issue that in some games (PUBG mobile) shooting is interrupted randomly
  • Fixed the occasional issue that MEmu crashes when generating diagnose report
  • Fixed the failure of the keymapping macro: “mapkey”
  • Fixed the issue that it takes too much time exporting an instance
  • Fixed the capability of old versions (before 6.0.1) with the latest version. The old versions can be updated directly by update installation
  • Fixed the occasional issue that sequential batch start is interrupted

Games & APPs

  • Call of Duty Mobile: Optimized the Smart mode of keymapping: Smart cure and grenade is now available. One can use different items by simply pressing a key; Fixed some graphic issue under DirectX mode; Fixed the issue that game crashes at the
  • Free Fire: Fixed some graphic issue under DirectX mode; Fixed black screen issue of some event pages
  • Clash of Kings: Optimized the render performance and reduced resource usage when playing with multiple instances
  • PES2020: Fixed the black screen issue under OpenGL mode
  • Knives out: Fixed some graphic issue under DirectX mode
  • Matchington Mansion: Fixed some graphic issue under DirectX mode
  • 超異域公主連結!Re: Dive (tw.sonet.princessconnect): Fixed the black screen when starting the game; Fixed lag during the gameplay