5 reasons to join MEmu’s Discord server

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MEmu’s official Discord server is ready, join now!

Dear users, now MEmu has an official Discard server. Click to join

Download MEmu: Download Here are the reasons to join:

  • Self-service FAQ

With the help of some bots, in the channel #faq, you can type the keyword you want to ask and will get the answer automatically. See the picture below.

auto reply

  • Instant Customer Service

After using Facebook for a few users, what we can say about it is: Facebook sucks! Join the server and enter channels like #online-tech-support to get the answers from MEmu staff directly.

  • Get the latest news about MEmu

Being afraid of missing a ‘game issue fixed’ message from MEmu? Now you will never miss anything. Check the #announcement channel to get the latest news.

  • Chance to join the beta group

Want to experience the latest functions before others? Want to participate in the development of MEmu Then join the server! We will recruit members of the beta group ONLY in Discord in the future.

  • Periodical event

Google play gift card, amazon gift card, and much more! Join now!

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