MEmu 8.0.2 is officially released!

8.0.2 release note:

What’s new:

1. Optimize the performance of MEmu and improve the game experiences.
2. Improve the image quality and more smoothly of “Apex Legends Mobile”, support smart keymapping.
3. Chrome as the default browser.

What’s fixed:

1. Fix the problem of no network after changing DNS under HyperV mode.
2. Fixed some issues of Multi-MEmu:
— Fixed occasional crashes when sorting windows.
— Fixed the failure issue when creating new instances in some cases.
— Fixed the problem that the disk becomes larger after cleaning.
3. Fix the problem that the RT/LT buttons of the “GameSir-T3” series controllers cannot be used.
4. Fix the problem that there is no placeholder icon on the desktop when some APKs are installed.

Download link:

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