Minecraft on PC: How to tame each animal in the game

Taming animals in Minecraft is the process of domesticating wild animals to befriend you, a player. Keep in mind that this is different from breeding, which makes animals produce offspring. Only specific animals can be tamed. Here’s a list of animals in Minecraft that can be tamed and also guide you on how to tame each animal in the game.

What is animal taming in Minecraft?

Taming animals in Minecraft is the process of domesticating wild animals to befriend you, a player. Keep in mind that this is different from breeding, which makes animals produce offspring. Only specific animals can be tamed. A few things to remember:

  • Try not to hit animals while taming them. That makes them more likely to refuse to befriend you.
  • Make sure not to take your pets into dangerous areas and keep an eye on their health.
  • You can name your animals with name tags!

Guide to tame each animal in Minecraft


Wolves can be tamed with bones and will then protect their owner by attacking any mobs the owner attacks (except creeper). Tamed wolves have collars as well and you can dye the collars in different colors. A wolf’s health can be determined by the position of its tail. The higher the tail, the healthier the wolf is. You can heal your wolf by feeding it any meat other than fish.

Horses, Donkeys, Mules & Llamas

In order to tame any of these animals, you need to ride them around till they don’t throw you off. Horses, donkeys and mules can be equipped with a saddle which will allow players to control them. Llamas however, can’t be equipped with saddles. Horses can also be equipped with armor while donkeys, mules and llamas can be equipped with chests.


Wanna keep the creepers away? Cats can be tamed with raw salmon or cod but they’re quite quick so you’ll have to approach them carefully. And yes, creepers dislike being around cats.


Parrots can be tamed with seeds and will sit on your shoulders if you walk into them once you’ve tamed them. Just don’t feed them cookies.

【How to Play Minecraft on PC】

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