Multi-MEmu optimization

This post will illustrate how to use the least system resources when running multiple instances (emulators) at the same time.

  1.  Engine settings

CPU: If you want to run as many emulators as possible, it is recommended to choose 1 CPU.

RAM: Depends on the real performance of your PC. You can set it with more flexibility.

Render mode: You need to watch the performance and the usage of system resources using Task Manager of Windows and decide which one is better for your machine.

GPU memory optimization: If the GPU memory of your machine is stressed when running multiple emulators, you can turn on this option, however, some render issues may occur.

2. Display settings

Resolution: Smaller resolution is recommended because it can reduce resources usage.

FPS: 30 FPS is recommended

Anti-flickering and Game capture: OFF

3. Storage settings

Cache Policy: High performance: Better performance but the emulator will be affected after bluescreen or losing power. Stability: A little slower but can avoid damage of bluescreen or losing power.

Disk management: If you want to have a fixed size of an emulator, use manual management.

4. Device settings

Disable audio to reduce the usage of the resource.


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