Free Fire on PC — FAQ

Update on Dec.14, 2019:

Smart Keymapping for Free Fire: Winterlands (1.43.0) is fixed, please click the download button below to get the version for Free Fire.



1. How to use smart Keymapping in Free Fire

  1. Click the keymapping button on the sidebar.
  2. Choose Smart mode

2.How to play Free Fire at 60 FPS

  1. Enter settings.
  2. Choose Ultra in Graphics
  3. Choose High in High FPS

3.How to solve “Smart Keymapping not working” issue

Sometimes, especially when a new version of PUBG Mobile is released, MEmu smart Keymapping does not work properly. That is because we need some time to update the Smart Keymapping. Normally, it will take a few hours. So if you come across this issue, please be patient and MEmu Team will fix the keymapping as soon as possible.

During this time, please switch to standard mode to play the game normally. Here are the steps:

First, click the keymapping button on the sidebar to enter keymapping settings.

Then, click Standard Mode to choose the standard mode to play.

We will publish on our Facebook page and Discord server the moment we fix it.

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