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My Hero Academia has been a juggernaut in the US anime and manga scene for years now, and it’s spun off into darn near every media avenue available; spin-off novels and manga, feature films, console video games, and now at long last a mobile game is reaching across the seas with the global release of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. The game has just recently been released for English-speaking audiences this week, and I was lucky enough to sit down with Paul Joffe, VP of Games at Sony Pictures Television Games for a short demo with the pre-release version of the game, alongside some time playing on my own. So here’s a quick run-down of the basics of the game for all the newly arriving players, or those curious about picking it up.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is an action MMORPG with two major gameplay modes. First is the Solo story mode – set chronologically between the USJ Invasion arc of the anime’s season 1 and the Stain arc of Season 2 – where you can play through a series of missions, each culminating with a boss battle. Like many other mobile action games, we’re dealing with a horizontal view and touch-screen controls, here utilizing combos and timed special moves in 3D beat-em-up battles. Each character has their own loadout of attacks, skills, and specials, and while there’s definitely some overlap a remarkable amount of variety is present between characters. Ranged fighters like Kaminari handle differently from melee specialists like Deku and Kirishima, and there’s a surprising amount of depth for positioning and timing during more difficult fights. After a lucky pull to get Uraraka, she quickly became my favorite with special moves that let her float above enemies and crash attacks down from the sky.

The game promises a large roster of playable characters, with 12 available to obtain at launch. Deku is your starter character, but that doesn’t mean the series’ main hero is relegated to a starter unit – each character comes with the ability to train and upgrade using a number of resources gained by completing missions and gaining in-game achievements, and from the short look I got at one of the team’s late-game builds that allows for a similar ceiling for every Hero on the roster. On top of each character’s unique moves, there’s also a system of support cards – also earned by completing missions – that offer passive skills and actively assists in combat. The entire setup isn’t terribly complicated and was designed to accommodate as large a range of player skill-level as possible, but it does take a bit of getting used to and experimenting to get down pat.

Sights and Sounds
While the gameplay loop is key to making cite>My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero engaging, perhaps its biggest hook over similar mobile action games is the property it’s attached to, and the development team has done an impressive job capturing the manga and anime’s charm here. The full-scale character models are fairly simple to accommodate the platform but are still able to replicate the personality and energy of each hero pretty well. There are also chibi forms for each character when upgrading and leveling them up, that are just adorable.

【How to Play My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero on PC】

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