Play Together has been downloaded over 30 million times worldwide

Play Together, a casual and social game, has achieved 30 million downloads and 4 million DAU (Daily Active Users) on Android and Apple devices, which is a tremendous accomplishment. Check out our review of Play Together if you’re not familiar with it. Play Together has topped the Top Free Games ranking on Google Play and the App Store in Taiwan and Vietnam since its introduction in April 2021.

In the lockdown scenario produced by COVID 19, the game was recognized as a metaverse platform to enjoy with friends, and it is quickly gaining popularity in all parts of the world, including Vietnam, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and Korea. Furthermore, users are allowed to create a variety of works utilizing in-game content, and the amount of fascinating content created by artists all around the world is quickly growing.


Play together to keep their accomplishment up to date with new updates.

After surpassing 30 million downloads, Play Together has also announced additional content upgrades. Plant Growing System has been introduced to the game, allowing players to cultivate plants in their homes. The flowerpots may be purchased from an NPC in the Plaza, and players will be rewarded for their thoughtfulness.

New international travel locations were also added in the most recent update. The player will be able to travel to Vietnam and obtain a new passport stamp following the update. Finally, a new category has been introduced where players can access all pet-related information in one location, as well as the camera’s video recording capability.


Play Together is a casual multiplayer social network game where participants can do whatever they like. With the addition of diverse material and unique interactions, the game delivers a fascinating life-like experience that fans of casual and sandbox genres may be familiar with. The game allows players to advance in a non-linear manner at their leisure.

Players may purchase different goods to personalize their avatars and residences, as well as connect with their worldwide pals without borders. Play Together has been in the top free games list on the App Store and Google Play in Taiwan and Vietnam since its global debut in April 2021. The game is now accessible in 12 languages in all countries except China.


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