Pokémon Unite on PC update leaks: New Pokémon, Battle Items, sets, and fashion/clothing items

It’s not even a month since Pokémon UNITE launched, and the developers are getting ready to push another batch of items. Thanks to the data miners and leakers, we are able to get an early look at what’s coming in the pre-Halloween update of Pokémon UNITE. This time, the leaks consist of a whole bunch of outfits, fashion accessories, some Pokémon, and a battle item. In this article, we will tell you all about all these leaks and what’s coming in the update of Pokémon UNITE.

Pokémon UNITE leaks: New Pokémon

According to Data miner/Leaker EclipseSkwovet/Greedent are the new playable characters, Nickit/Thievul are new Mob Pokemons, and for Decidueye and Caterpie, it is still not known whether he will be a playable character or a Mob character. Some old data mined Mobs are still present in the code, but it is unknown whether they will appear in the next patch or not. These mobs include Nidoking, Bewear, and Carnivine.

Upcoming outfits/sets leak

SpookEevee dropped a massive nuke of leaks on Twitter. There are numerous outfits, sets, and fashion accessories to choose from.

Pumpkin Pikachu Hat

Blissey outfit

Halloween outfits

Fighter outfit

Pokémon UNITE leaks: Other outfits

Garchomp outfit

Witch hat and wig

Halloween backpack

White outfit

Sport outfit

New Battle Item: Controller

Thanks to ChicoEevee for another leak. The item appears to be a controller, but its purpose is unknown. Perhaps it is used to temporarily control an opponent or a mob? We can’t wait to try on all of these outfits and see what the new Pokemon can do! All of these leaks were provided by  @ElChicoEevee, @ChowZ_Channel, and @eclipse_tt for Pokémon UNITE fans.

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