PUBG New State on PC: Global launch time based on your country

After a long wait, PUBG New State is set to finally hit stores for both Android and iOS. Boasting some impressive cutting-edge features, the game promises to be a treat for both PUBG and battle royale fans alike. If you are looking for the exact launch time of PUBG New State in your country, read on below.

PUBG New State launch time in different countries

The game is set to launch at 6:00 AM UTC on November 11. Here’s a list of the local launch times of PUBG New State in some countries:

India Thursday, 11:30 AM
Singapore Thursday, 2:00 PM
Philippines Thursday, 2:00 PM
USA (Washington D.C.) Wednesday, 1:00 PM
USA (Los Angeles) Wednesday, 10:00 PM
Brazil Thursday, 3:00 AM
Myanmar Thursday, 12:30 PM
Australia Thursday, 5:00 PM
New Zealand Thursday, 7:00 PM
Japan Thursday, 3:00 PM
South Africa Thursday, 8:00 AM
South Korea Thursday, 3:00 PM
Spain Thursday, 7:00 AM
Canada (Ottawa) Thursday, 1:00 AM
Russia (Moscow) Thursday, 9:00 AM
Mexico Thursday, 12:00 AM
Argentina Thursday, 3:00 AM
Cuba Thursday, 1:00 AM
Venezuela Thursday, 2:00 AM
Vietnam Thursday, 1:00 PM
Thailand Thursday, 1:00 PM
Cambodia Thursday, 1:00 PM

A long-awaited global launch

PUBG: New State has long been speculated for many years but was first officially announced in February 2021. The game was billed as a sequel to the PC version of PUBG and is set in the year 2051. The game features some new technology for players to use such as drones which are also said to complement the near-future setting.

The new map, Troi

The game will also boast a new map, called Troi, as well as the classic Erangel map from the original game albeit with some changes. The training grounds mode, as well as the deathmatch mode from the original game, are also set to return.

The game had already surpassed 20 million pre-registrations by July 2021 in the Google Play Store alone. Krafton expects these numbers to only improve further over the course of the game’s life cycle.

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