T3 Arena on PC Season two update brings new maps, revamped game modes and more

T3 Arena, a multiplayer hero shooter, has released Lights On, an electrifying season two update that is now available on Android. Yaa, the newest playable character, joins the fray, along with four new maps, updated game modes, and more.

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The T3 Arena Season two update introduces a new hero, Yaa

Four new maps have entered the arena, and they are not only the largest and most complex maps to date, but they will also have a significant impact on future gameplay. Each map will be associated with a specific mode, such as Temple Ruins in Crystal Assault and Chinatown in Payload Race. Each map provides a unique tactical advantage, with Temple Ruins incorporating glass platforms that allow players to see enemies from above or below.

T3 Arena season two update

Yaa (Image via XD Inc.)

Yaa, a track and field specialist, bursts onto the scene with an emphasis on agility. Using her gale pistol and wind-based ammo, she can quickly attack enemies. Yaa has two ultimate abilities, one of which is Breezeblast, which allows her to transform into an invincible tornado and sweep through enemies (need to stand out to blow the competition away, right?).

The update will revamp several existing game modes

Many game modes have also had their mechanisms updated. For example, each Payload Escort match will now include two rounds, with each team switching between attack and defense sides. Changes like these will add a new layer of team strategy to fast-paced matches, making them more unpredictable than ever. In a September update, T3 Arena is also expected to introduce a new competitive ranked mode.

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