T3 Arena September 2022 update brings a new character, career overview, and more

The September 2022 update for the hero shooter T3 Arena is now accessible on iOS and Android. Fort, a new Mythic character, a career summary, new skins, and other quality-of-life enhancements are all included in the update.

As guns automatically aim and fire regardless of the modes or characters players select, T3 Arena is more welcoming for gamers who are new to shooters. T3 Arena provides a fantastic pick-up-and-play experience for everyone with brief three-minute fights.

T3 Arena introduces a new character in the latest update

Fort is the first Mythic tank/control hybrid character to enter the T3 Arena. Each shot he fires at adversaries with his antimatter rockets sticks to them and explodes shortly after. Fort is endowed with a variety of skills, including the Antimatter Barrier, which allows him to attack adversaries while projecting a shield in front of him.

The September 2022 update brings a career overview to T3 Arena

A brand-new MVP system and career overviews are also part of the most recent update, which provides players with detailed statistics on their past match histories and their development over time. New chat elements are also being introduced, giving the game a new social component. A few already-existing characters, notably Johnny Jet and Labula, will also see balance adjustments in the update.

Career Overview T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

T3 Arena and the September 2022 update are available now on Android. To play with like-minded fans, players can join the Discord server. For more details on T3 Arena, follow the game on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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