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Room Flip : Design

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スマホ不要!プロ選手のようにキーボードとマウスで操作しよう。MEmuエミュはあなたにすべての期待を与える。電池が切れてしまうとか画面が小さいとかの問題を心配する必要がなくて、存分Room Flip : Design を楽しんでください。新しいMEmuエミュ7はPCでRoom Flip : Design をプレイするのに最適!完璧なキーマッピングシステムにより、まるでパソコンゲームみたい。マルチインスタンスで複数のゲームやアプリを同時に実行!唯一無二な仮想化エンジンがパソコンの可能性を最大限になる。遊べるだけでなく、より楽しめる!


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Room Flip : Design Love home design games?


Love home design games? Want to decorate and remodel homes? Welcome to Room Flip. For the first time ever, become the star of a one-of-a-kind interior decorating reality TV show based game. Dress up your avatar and go on a quest to transform tired properties of your clients into showstopping money makers with fascinating makeovers and matching renovations. Play a variety of fun match 3 puzzle games, earn coins to flip spaces, and wow your clients with great design, hot styles and bespoke decor for that perfect dream home across various locations, including exotic locales like Morocco, Africa, and Ibiza.

For an interior designer, there is nothing more satisfying than a challenging fixer-upper. Be a part of Room Flip - a fun and sassy reality TV show, and turn all your fashion and design fantasies into reality. With a dress and a suit for every occasion for the style icons in you, dress up and travel with a quirky TV crew - Zara and Rex, and unravel fascinating storylines. Make elaborate displays of your DIY fashion and decor, and come up with amazing home makeovers. Flip mansions, rustic kitchens, retro diners, music rooms, and more. Design homes that are not only funky, but are also opulent and aesthetically pleasing like the Great Gatsby Art Deco style bedroom or a lush Mediterranean rooftop garden, a Moroccan courtyard, or a sky-high minimalist living room.
Interact with an eclectic mix of clients - from celebrities to magicians, artists to newlyweds, business, and sportspeople, among others who are all looking up to you to fashion and style their dream homes with curated finesse. Rebuild their inheritances that are in shambles into luxurious spaces like chic bedrooms, Victorian bathrooms, interesting farmhouse style kitchens, hygge kids rooms, and classy fitness rooms to win their appreciations and augment the flip value of their fabulous abodes. Classical or contemporary, intimate or gigantesque, feng shui, chic or whimsical, whatever be the design style, you’ll be able to express your creativity by combining an incredible variety of trendy and sophisticated furniture, floorings, lights, paintings, and other decor items.
The locations that vary thematically from a Tuscan-style vineyard cafe to a ski-chalet or underwater lounge, offers a medley of culture, lifestyle, and luxury with opulent furnishings and lets you covet to be the number one designer. With each room tailored distinctly and no two rooms alike, and a huge array of gorgeous outfits for every occasion and set, let your mind wander amidst the myriad decorating options, as you make your own fashion statements with your design prowess and avatar customizations.
Enjoy the game that fuses colorful matching puzzles and character customizations with a home YOU refurbish, spruce up and flip. Come, play this fun and addictive match 3 game, and make your dream home designs FOR FREE!
Play match 3 puzzle games, swap and flip colorful tiles to earn coins and stars. Use these stars to renovate rooms of clients. Enjoy game features like Claw Carnival, Cat-ch Me if You Can with fluffy cat, and Key Streak. As the game progresses, the value of the renewed rooms increases, thus increasing your net worth.


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  • Room Flip : Design  PC版

    1. MEmuインストーラーをダウンロードしてセットアップを完了する

  • Room Flip : Design  PC版

    2. MEmuを起動し、デスクトップでのPlayストアを開く

  • Room Flip : Design  PC版

    3. PlayストアでRoom Flip : Design を検索する

  • Room Flip : Design  PC版 Install

    4. Room Flip : Design をダウンロードしてインストールする

  • Room Flip : Design  PC版

    5. インストールが完了したら、アイコンをクリックしてスタート

  • Room Flip : Design  PC版
    Room Flip : Design  PC版 Room Flip : Design  PC版

    6. MEmuを使用してPCでRoom Flip : Design を楽しむ


MEmu App Playerは最高の無料で提供されるAndroidエミュレータで、5,000万人がすでに優れたAndroidゲーム体験を楽しんでいます。 MEmuの仮想化技術は、あなたのPCで何千ものAndroidゲームを快適にプレイすることを可能にします。

  • 大画面でより精細;無限の待機、電池とドラフィックの極限を超え

  • キーボード・マウス・コントローラーを全力でサポート、より快適

  • マルチインスタンスで複数のゲームを同時に実行


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Room Flip : Design  PC版
Room Flip : Design  PC版
Room Flip : Design  PC版
Room Flip : Design  PC版