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爱玩EZ Knight的你,双手不应该被束缚在手机的小屏幕上。像职业选手一样用键盘和滑鼠来全面控制你的游戏吧。在电脑上下载、安装EZ Knight并尽情游玩。再也不用担心剩余电量、流量消耗和烦人的来电。全新的逍遥模拟器7是你在电脑上游玩EZ Knight的最佳选择!我们用心准备,完美的按键映射系统让EZ Knight宛如电脑游戏;用娴熟的技术编程,逍遥多开器让所有游戏开好开满;独一无二的虚拟化引擎释放你电脑的全部潜力,一切都如丝般顺滑。我们不仅在意你怎样游玩,更在意如何让你享受游玩的乐趣!


EZ Knight电脑版截图&视频

透过逍遥模拟器,在电脑上下载EZ Knight,享受大荧屏的畅快体验。 New 3D Cartoon Idle RPG EZ KNIGHT is coming now!


New 3D Cartoon Idle RPG EZ KNIGHT is coming now!
You are a knight entrusted with a special mission, fighting against enemies, slaying dragons on mysterious lands to claim bountiful rewards.
All you need to do is sparing one finger to help your heroes when they're in trouble. You can either fight with your team when you're free or let your team fight for you when you're AFK, while earning loots all the time.
——Idle play, Mind free!
Stress-free auto battle mode and auto upgrades, free your hand, free your mind. Adjust lineup and upgrade skills occasionally, win loots all the time. It's just that easy!
——Turn the Tide with Spectacular Skills!
Dozens of skills and abilities with spectacular effects are ready for you to begin battles, release your powerful skill with just one tap to twist the tide and crush the enemies down!
——Summon Heroes, Create Your Own Team!
Recruit the best of the best among hundreds of heroes of various occupations from 5 camps and build up your own formations to go in to battle, let them slay the enemies and collect countless treasures for you!
——Forge Gears&Equip Heroes, Prepare for the Fight!
Collect and forge legendary gears, equip your knight with upgradable armor and weapons and fight to the end!
——Command Your Heroes, Wipe the Enemies Out!
Deploy heroes of different clans and skills properly, slay enemies effortlessly and challenge world-wide real live players in the PVP Arena!
All suggestions are welcomed! Feel free to tell us through SNS if you have any ideas.
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/EZ-Knight-112331077753368


电脑玩EZ Knight

  • EZ Knight电脑版

    1. 下载逍遥安装器并完成设置

  • EZ Knight电脑版

    2. 启动逍遥后打开位于桌面上的谷歌商店

  • EZ Knight电脑版

    3. 在谷歌商店中搜索EZ Knight

  • EZ Knight电脑版 Install

    4. 下载并安装EZ Knight

  • EZ Knight电脑版

    5. 下载完成后点击图标来启动

  • EZ Knight电脑版
    EZ Knight电脑版 EZ Knight电脑版

    6. 通过逍遥在电脑上享受EZ Knight

为什么用逍遥玩EZ Knight


  • 大屏精细展示;无限待机,超越电池和流量限制

  • 键鼠、手把操作全面支持,操作更精准

  • 用逍遥多开同时运行多个游戏、应用。



EZ Knight电脑版
EZ Knight电脑版
EZ Knight电脑版
EZ Knight电脑版